Solar Alerts

You can be notified when certain solar statistics meet your chosen conditions. You can create custom Solar Alerts to send you an email, SMS message, or (soon) a Pushover notification! This feature is currently in a "beta" phase, so please be patient with any issues that may arise!

How To Use

  1. A name is required for your new alert, so start by entering one in the input below.
  2. Click the button next to the name to Create a new Solar Alert
    • You may optionally provide a description for your Alert
    • If you do not want to receive alerts by email, you can uncheck it
    • If you would like to receive alerts by SMS, you will need to enter your number and confirm it from your user profile
    • Set a minimum number of hours between notifications. Once an Alert is triggered, it won't be again for this many hours
    • Choose whether or not all of the Triggers must be met for a notification to be sent, or if any one is enough
  3. Set up some Triggers
    • Select a solar metric for your Trigger
    • Choose comparison operators, less than/equal to/greater than; you can combine any set of these, if any are met, the trigger will fire
    • Enter the value to use for the comparison
    • Be sure to click Add before saving, or your trigger will be lost
  4. Hit Save, and your alert is complete!

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