Michael Forsman

Howdy, KE0TCF here

I am an Extra class amateur radio operator in Kearney, Nebraska.

Originally licensed in 2018, I wasn't particularly active in radio until I moved to Kearney about a year later. I got my General and Extra upgrades about a year after that, in late 2020. My primary HF antenna is my home-built Off-Center Fed Dipole, good from 80m up to around 10m. I enjoy digital modes, phone, and I'm working on learning morse code! My goal with this hobby is to try to sample as much of it as I can, trying as many things as possible before settling so that I know what all is out there!

You can learn more about me and what I get up to outside of amateur radio, and see my other projects at my personal website!


I live in Kearney, Nebraska, a community of about 30,000 people, located along the Platte River in Buffalo County. I moved here after getting married in 2019, so I'm relatively new to the community, but my wife is a Kearney native. Originally, I grew up about an hour away in Aurora, just east of Grand Island.

I am an active member of the Midway Amateur Radio Club (W0KY) here in Kearney. I manage the club's web presence and also help manage the local D-STAR repeater and gateway (KD0PBW). I am also an ARRL accredited VE, ARES member and certified Skywarn Spotter. In addition to MARC, I am also active in the South-Central Nebraska Amateur Radio Club based out of Holdrege, as well as other amateur activities in the tri-cities region.

Grid EN00lr
CQ 4
City Kearney
County Buffalo (BUFF)
State Nebraska (NE)
Country United States (271)
Continent North America (NA)
Nebraska State Seal
Buffalo County Seal
ARRL Volunteer Examiner Logo
Skywarn Logo


Online QSL

I use the following online logging/QSL services:
  • Logbook of the World
  • QRZ
  • ClubLog
  • eQSL
I generally upload to all four of these AT LEAST once a day (usually multiple), so if I logged your contact, you should get confirmation via these services either the same day or the next day (depending on timezones), but occasionally it may be longer.

Paper QSL

I also send and receive paper QSLs via the following:
  • Direct (please SASE if at all possible)
  • Bureau
  • ClubLog OQRS
Please be patient, I do not always get them sent very quickly, but I will do my best to get your card out in a timely manner.


I am currently a ham with a very limited budget. This makes tricky a lot of the time, but it also results in me having to be thrifty and find affordable ways to get new equipment, often making it myself! My shack lives in a detached garage, which is my workshop for all my hobbies. It houses my 3D printer, and my general electronics/computer workbench. My ham shack lives in the back along one wall where all my gear is set up. The garage is insulated and drywalled, and has a heater and window AC unit, so I can keep the temperature fairly comfortable year round!

KE0TCF's Shack

All of my HF operations from the shack occur on an ICOM IC-7100. This is a true "shack-in-a-box" radio, capable of all-band and all-mode operation, and even includes VHF/UHF capabilities, plus D-STAR! The IC-7100 is built a PA-108 "fat 50" ammo can. I designed and built the entire interior myself using a combination of 3D printed and off-the-shelf parts. It also includes an ATU-100 auto-tuner, and I have future plans to add a battery pack as well! For local nets and repeater rag chews on 2m, I have an IC-2100 on the bench as well. This is a 2m only rig, but eventually I hope to replace it with a dual-band option. This is all powered by an MFJ 4230MV MightyLite 30A power supply, which while not the frilliest model available, is very adequate for my setup.


A laptop acts as my station computer, resting off to the side, and connecting to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It also connects via USB to the IC-7100 for digital control of the rig. Most of the time, I use Windows 10, but the laptop is configured to dual-boot with Andy's Ham Radio Linux, from KB1OIQ, which I also use sometimes. I would like to switch to linux full time for radio, but unfortunately two of my key softwares rely on .NET framework. I use Win4ICOM Suite for rig control, and Log4OM 2 as my primary logging program, as well as for a few other handy functions. I also have a slew of other ham radio software installed on it for various digital modes, radio programming, antenna design/analysis, etc.


My VHF/UHF antenna consists of a home-built quarter-wave ground plane trimmed for 2m, and it also works well on 70cm! This is the third one I have made, the first two eventually succumbing to the weather. This time around, I home-brewed a sort of "weather-boot" to help with this, and so far it has worked well! For HF operations, I built an off-center fed dipole for 80m, putting it at roughly 133' long and fed around 33%/66%. My lot is not particularly large, so finding space to stretch the wire out straight has been a challenge. Right now, the legs are at about 90° right now, which is better than how I previously had it. Both of these antennas are mounted on a 10' mast and tripod mounted to the garage roof, putting the feedpoints somewhere a bit over 20' up. The feedlines snake down the mast, along the roof, and over the gutter. A drip loop is formed before the feed back into the shack through a pass-through hole in the wall.


For mobile operations, I have a modest setup in my 2015 Ford Escape. I have a 38.5" Nagoya whip on an articulated NMO mount, attached to the left side of the rear hatch. This runs to the front of the vehicle to an ICOM ID-800H dual-band transceiver. The main unit is under the drivers seat, the head unit is mounted for easy viewing on the dash, and the handmike comes up next to the drivers seat for easy reach. For portable, I take the IC-7100 in its ammo-can go box. Portable operations is what I built this project for! I primarily use a Wolf River Coils SB-1000 TIA, with some modifications I made.

KE0TCF's Bench

When I'm not on the air, I enjoy working on restoring antique electronics, building kits, and building my own electronic designs. My workbench, pictured here, is where I do that! I have intentionally set it up to feel a bit "old school" with some of my restored vintage test/measurement equipment on display and within easy reach for use. My variac/isolation transformer/dim-bulb power supply is on the right-hand side of the bench, and on the left is my oscilloscope, multimeter(s), signal generator, frequency counter, resistance/capacitance bridge, and more. The wooden cases on the top left shelf contain my tube tester and capacitor tester. The top middle shelf contains a mixture of future restoration projects and just display pieces. The library card catalog drawers on the right are probably close to 100 years old and are filled with tools, vacuum tubes, and other vintage parts.


QSO Date/Time Callsign Name Gridsquare Location Frequency/Band Mode
2023-11-22 18:58:00Z 7Q6M Don Jones KH67RU77 Malawi 28.0772/10m FT8
2023-11-21 20:22:00Z H44WA Robin L Amundson RI00aj Solomon Islands 28.0913/10m FT8
2023-11-13 22:20:00Z TX7L Marquesas Islands DXpedition 2023 CI00 Marquesas Islands 21.0962/15m FT8
2023-11-12 22:25:00Z KO4TCL Tom Lewis EM83 GA,Clarke 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 22:22:00Z KB1CMT Laurent J Mc Duff FN33 VT,Rutland 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 22:19:00Z AC6DX Steven E Rapata DM13 CA,Riverside 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 22:19:00Z K6DXA Southern California Six & Ten Meter Club DM13 CA,Riverside 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 22:07:00Z WD5CFM Francis X Boudreaux EL49 LA,Lafourche 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 21:54:00Z NB8R Robert T Hanley FM08 WV,Hardy 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 21:53:00Z W1XMM Brian P Quick FN43 NH,Hillsborough 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 21:48:00Z W2CSI Charles P Cassidy EM85 NC,Madison 24.98/12m SSB
2023-11-12 02:09:00Z W4DFR David F Rees, Sr EM77 KY,Nelson 7.194/40m SSB
2023-11-11 21:40:00Z W7MMZ David E Doherty EM38 MO,Morgan 18.158/17m SSB
2023-11-11 21:15:00Z AC6DX Steven E Rapata DM13 CA,Riverside 18.158/17m SSB
2023-11-11 21:15:00Z K6DXA Southern California Six & Ten Meter Club DM13 CA,Riverside 18.158/17m SSB
2023-11-11 21:14:00Z W5LPZ Mark D Mcclellan EM50 MS,Jackson 18.158/17m SSB
2023-11-11 20:37:00Z N6ADO Gary K Altstadt DM05 CA,San Diego 24.97/12m USB
2023-11-08 22:26:00Z KE7DCL JONATHAN R EICHER DN40bn UT,Salt Lake 21.0752/15m FT8
2023-11-06 20:22:00Z TJ9MD MDXC Dxpedition 2023 . JJ42wv Cameroon 21.0959/15m FT8
2023-11-06 20:17:00Z VP2ETE Teddy Edwards FK88LF20 Anguilla 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-06 17:27:00Z CP1WR RODOLFO WIDGREN FH73fq Bolivia 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-06 14:55:00Z IW9EZO MAURIZIO BOSCHETTO JM77 Italy 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-06 14:50:00Z PA3CPS Geert Balsma JO32bh Netherlands 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-06 14:22:00Z F6BIA Alain . JN18dq France 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-06 02:57:00Z N3LY Linda S Yankovich EN91 PA,Mercer 7.185/40m SSB
2023-11-05 18:46:00Z KQ4EKW Julio Garcia EL95sq FL,Miami-Dade 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-05 18:45:00Z V4_N2HX St Kitts and Nevis 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-03 21:31:00Z TG9ADQ MARIO DAETZ EK44qm Guatemala 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-03 17:38:00Z GJ0KYZ Dr. Paul Mahrer IN89 Jersey 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-11-02 16:34:00Z K6WRF Steven R Reynolds CN87wi WA,King 28.0762/10m FT8
2023-11-02 16:12:00Z TK5IH JEAN-ANTOINE PADOVANI JN41kw Corsica 28.0762/10m FT8
2023-11-02 00:30:00Z YJ0TT Vanuatu 28.0905/10m FT8
2023-11-01 21:51:00Z K4CY ROBERT C FURZER EM74pa GA,Paulding 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-11-01 21:50:00Z KH0_KC0W Mariana Islands 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-11-01 18:01:00Z K5TEE TOM E ELLIS DM65rc NM,Bernalillo 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 16:59:00Z K3IV Rick DM75 NM,Santa Fe 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 15:11:00Z K7KSH Kevin S Hughes DM65qh NM,Sandoval 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 15:08:00Z KD4EBL RICHARD S JOHNSTON FM18iw VA,Fairfax 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 15:06:00Z N4FLB Frankie L Boothman EM62uo AL,Elmore 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:58:00Z KA4KBX GARY L PIKE EM73hd AL,Randolph 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:52:00Z K8OCN DELBERT J MC CORD EN83dc MI,Genesee 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:38:00Z KD8IAK Michael J Everts EL96 MI,Kent 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:34:00Z KG5RJS Hussein I Hill CM98iq CA,Sacramento 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:33:00Z KD1AB YO-YOON CHO FM16qs VA,Suffolk City 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:31:00Z N4NQ SIDNEY B WEAVER EM84aa GA,Gwinnett 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-11-01 14:29:00Z KA0GRE STANLEY J LETT EM48mw MO,Lincoln 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-11-01 02:18:00Z KC9ACL William F Wootton, Iii EM69 IN,Monroe 7.185/40m SSB
2023-11-01 02:15:00Z AB0GT John C Sims EN81 OH,Lucas 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-31 19:14:00Z PU2SYN Thiago Avancini GG66pk Brazil 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-31 18:16:00Z A25R Russian DXpedition Team KG36gw Botswana 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-28 02:27:00Z A7T LL55 Qatar 14.21/20m USB
2023-10-28 02:16:00Z KH6J Koolau Amateur Radio Club BL11ck Hawaii 14.154/20m USB
2023-10-27 21:50:00Z NM5SP Alan L Brockmeier DM84jl NM,Curry 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-27 18:56:00Z K5SHB SVEN H BREDEN DM62oh NM,Dona Ana 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-27 18:47:00Z KF0JOE Dan H Reed EM48qn MO,Saint Louis 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-27 18:45:00Z N4ACE Greg A Baker EM48rn MO,Saint Louis 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-26 20:44:00Z HI8RMQ RAFAEL MOTA FK58AK58 Dominican Republic 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 20:43:00Z K4JH JAVIER HENDERSON FM05pq NC,Wake 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 20:08:00Z WB2BIN GREGORY B YATES FN23 NY,Oneida 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 20:06:00Z N1OLA GEORGE T REID, mr FN34 VT,Chittenden 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 20:03:00Z W1VJM VICTOR J MAILLOUX, III FN43he NH,Merrimack 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 20:01:00Z KN6VTC JAMES D MARKS CM87uv CA,Contra Costa 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 19:55:00Z EA1AKS JOSE MARIA PINEY IN73 Spain 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-26 16:54:00Z W9RWB Robert W Bower EN61vq IN,St Joseph 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-26 16:50:00Z K7KSH Kevin S Hughes DM65qh NM,Sandoval 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-26 16:04:00Z 6Y5WW William A. Reynolds FK18ma Jamaica 24.9161/12m FT8
2023-10-26 13:49:00Z KP4IA ANTONIO R SANTIAGO FK68vj Puerto Rico 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 23:27:00Z CO3LY LUIS IGLESIAS EL82 Cuba 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 23:25:00Z HP2AT JOSE NG LEE FJ09bi Panama 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 23:23:00Z PJ2AFM Alejandro F. Martina (Angelo) FK52 Curacao 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 22:27:00Z T2C German DXP 2023 RI91ol Tuvalu 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 21:25:00Z YV5DRN Leandro ( Len ) Chique S. FK60eg Venezuela 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 21:01:00Z VK3AUQ Kevin L PHILLIPS QF22qf Australia 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 20:55:00Z FM5GB Philip MAIER M.D. retired FK94mq Martinique 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 20:11:00Z NA2R JOHN M SAWINA FM29tn NJ,Ocean 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 20:04:00Z N6NXV PAUL H SCOTT CM87xr CA,Alameda 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 20:00:00Z KK7IAK Brian Schutt CN85sm OR,Multnomah 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 19:57:00Z N6ACA Aaron C Anderer CM97cp CA,Alameda 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 19:56:00Z K7RA PAUL PAKES COOK, III CN87uq WA,King 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 19:46:00Z HK3LUI LUIS ANTONIO AVELLANEDA PAREDES FJ35aa Colombia 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 19:23:00Z N6PDB DENNIS D MASON CM87WB50 CA,Santa Cruz 28.0751/10M FT8
2023-10-25 19:19:00Z KL7VX GEORGE S BLACKETT BP51KN Alaska 28.0751/10M FT8
2023-10-25 18:59:00Z V51CO CARSTEN O ENGELHARDT JG87NK Namibia 28.0751/10M FT8
2023-10-25 17:33:00Z ON5RZ Raf Van Zele JO21ce Belgium 28.0751/10M FT8
2023-10-25 17:19:00Z PZ5RA RAMON KAERSENHOUT GJ25jq Suriname 28.0751/10M FT8
2023-10-25 16:55:00Z IQ0AAI Radioclub MDXC COROS Museo Della Radio " Mario Faedda" JN40go Sardinia 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:33:00Z VE6SPE Eric Gilbert Maisonneuve DO15kr Canada 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:31:00Z MD0CCE Bob Barden IO74ti Isle of Man 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:17:00Z DL8ZAW Frank Altenbrand JO40 Germany 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:15:00Z F4EUG ANTHONY COETMEUR IN88gh France 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:11:00Z M6JAY Chris Jay IO90hv England 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:09:00Z G3WW Dez Watson IO82wt England 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 16:07:00Z XE1L HUMBERTO GONZALEZ J. DL80hn Mexico 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 15:35:00Z EA6VQ GABRIEL SAMPOL JM19mp Balearic Islands 28.0751/10m FT8
2023-10-25 02:04:00Z W9CPD Dejan Milovanovic DN32 CO,Pueblo 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-25 01:43:00Z K0FD Daniel K Nichols EM36 MO,Ozark 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-25 01:42:00Z K4JIP Earl C Black EM95kk NC,Lincoln 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-25 01:11:00Z KI5UPP Scott W Bernier EM40wl LA,Saint Tammany 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-24 01:54:00Z K1KTF Steven I Adler FN31 CT,Hartford 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-24 01:29:00Z AA0JB Jimmy G Ball EM37cq MO,Cedar 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-24 01:24:00Z KB2DSR Myron R Getman FN32 NY,Rensselaer 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-24 01:17:00Z WB4JB John S Braman EL99 FL,Volusia 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-24 01:11:00Z WN4WDE Eric D Clanton EM73 AL,Calhoun 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-23 17:31:00Z DA2KC_VE6 Canada 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-10-23 14:17:00Z IZ5EME MARCO PARMEGGIANI JN52ns Italy 28.0763/10m FT8
2023-10-23 13:31:00Z GJ0KYZ Paul Mahrer IN89wf Jersey 24.9173/12m FT8
2023-10-23 01:48:00Z AE0WD Benjamin J Martin EN26 MN,Otter Tail 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-22 22:21:00Z HI8AT Julio Cesar Jose FK48ws Dominican Republic 28.43/10m USB
2023-10-22 21:51:00Z D4Z Monteverde Contest Team Club HK76mu Cape Verde 21.246/15m USB
2023-10-22 17:47:00Z KJ7ZDH William B Cook DM43bg AZ,Maricopa 14.0763/20m FT8
2023-10-21 16:42:00Z K8BF Portage County Amateur Radio Service Inc. EN91ie OH,Portage 21.0763/15m FT8
2023-10-21 16:40:00Z WJ0T ALAN P OLIVER FM18lr VA,Fairfax 21.0763/15m FT8
2023-10-21 02:40:00Z FK8HM Pesque Eric RG37fs New Caledonia 21.0763/15m FT8
2023-10-21 02:38:00Z FO5QB Michel HUIN BH52ek French Polynesia 21.0763/15m FT8
2023-10-20 21:41:00Z E6AM DXpedition to Niue AH50cx Niue 21.0749/15m FT8
2023-10-20 19:10:00Z KG5SSW Carl Purser EM15fg OK,Cleveland 28.0759/10m FT8
2023-10-20 18:10:00Z ZD9W Yuris Petersons IF32uw Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island 28.0791/10m FT8
2023-10-20 02:46:00Z UN7CL Victor A Voshkin MO44gw Kazakhstan 14.081/20m FT4
2023-10-20 02:34:00Z 5Z4VJ Andy Chadwick KI88ks Kenya 14.075/20m FT8
2023-10-20 02:31:00Z KZ4ZZ ROBERT E BOONE EL87ql FL,Manatee 14.081/20m FT4
2023-10-20 02:30:00Z PY7VI BENEDITO FLORENTINO DE MEDEIROS HI21nx Brazil 14.081/20m FT4
2023-10-20 02:13:00Z EM1U Club Station FC74wu Antarctica 14.0812/20m FT4
2023-10-20 01:19:00Z FK8GM ERIC ESPOSITO RG37fq New Caledonia 24.9162/12m FT8
2023-10-19 20:54:00Z TG9AKH Mario Cuevas EK44SO Guatemala 24.9162/12m FT8
2023-10-19 20:44:00Z WP2ASS SHANE M YOUHOUSE FK77oq US Virgin Islands 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-19 01:29:00Z NA0FB Robert Johnston EM28 KS,Johnson 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-19 01:19:00Z W8DDS David W Lucht FM18 VA,Fairfax 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-19 01:05:00Z AC1OC Patrick Lebeau FN41 RI,Bristol 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-18 21:00:00Z KY4SGM Stephen G Moore EM77un KY,Madison 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-18 20:56:00Z HS0ZOY jerald l slama OK14MQ Thailand 14.0752/20M FT8
2023-10-18 19:07:00Z G0DYW I Dowse IO91 England 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:55:00Z HP2NG EMILIO NG LEE FJ09 Panama 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:53:00Z F1GTU Daniel LAUSEILLE JN05ie France 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:51:00Z KA1MXL KEVIN T HALTON FN41HN RI,Kent 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:49:00Z F5LOW Eric GEMON IN95uq France 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:44:00Z K1RH Robert C Heath, III FM19mm MD,Carroll 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:39:00Z LX1JH JEAN-MARIE JUCHEMES JN39fr Luxembourg 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-18 18:35:00Z CE8DMT JOSE BARREIRO LIENDO FD46nu Chile 28.0752/10m FT8
2023-10-17 00:03:00Z E51JAN Janusz Wegrzyn AH99 North Cook Islands 28.0923/10m FT8
2023-10-15 19:27:00Z K1TIG Max L Holden FN43dd NH,Hillsborough 28.37/10m USB
2023-10-15 19:21:00Z K3CT John K Bednar FN20fr PA,Northampton 21.35/15m USB
2023-10-15 19:08:00Z PJ2ND Jeffrey A. Maass FK52kg Curacao 28.439/10m USB
2023-10-15 18:54:00Z OX18CHR Edr Head Quarters GP73du Greenland 28.391/10m USB
2023-10-15 18:51:00Z JW9DL Just N. Qvigstad JQ78tf Svalbard 28.1816/10m FT4
2023-10-14 16:32:00Z SM5X Pete Arninge JO89ho Sweden 28.465/10m SSB
2023-10-14 16:25:00Z SM5INC Johnny Ryden JO89po Sweden 28.438/10m SSB
2023-10-14 02:27:00Z ZF1YA Jared N. Hill EK99hg Cayman Islands 14.0756/20m FT8
2023-10-11 22:01:00Z YT1DX Dragan KN04 Serbia 14.0756/20m FT8
2023-10-11 17:53:00Z YU7EF LJUBIŠA POPA KN04kt Serbia 24.9162/12m FT8
2023-10-11 14:39:00Z HL3EMT Yong-Eui LEE PM36rp South Korea 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:35:00Z KK4EB DEAN H HARRIS EM85 GA,Cobb 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:24:00Z YB9FAO Ida Bagus Gede Arnawa, SE OI71 Indonesia 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:21:00Z K5TLL TERENCE L LOWERY EM51gg MS,Lamar 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:13:00Z KA9SOG JOHN R AUERSWALD EN52lg IL,Winnebago 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:10:00Z RA9J Valery V. Nesterov MP80gw Asiatic Russia 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-11 14:05:00Z KD1PE ROBERT M KUBIAC DM56lm NM,San Juan 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-10 22:18:00Z 5B4AMM S Rebrov KM65 Cyprus 14.0752/20m FT8
2023-10-09 21:58:00Z W8S Swains 2023 DXpedition AH48lw Swains Island 28.0904/10m FT8
2023-10-09 01:43:00Z BA6KC Liang Liwei OM65xh China 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-10-09 01:41:00Z JR1BAS FUKU MATSUYA PM95sp Japan 28.0753/10m FT8
2023-10-09 01:25:00Z RD9U_0 Asiatic Russia 24.9163/12m FT8
2023-10-09 01:22:00Z JA9PBP Nao Kobayashi PM86oq Japan 24.9163/12m FT8
2023-10-09 00:49:00Z 5Z4VJ Andy Chadwick KI88ks Kenya 14.0753/20m FT8
2023-10-08 18:50:00Z YO2BWC POPOVICI AUREL KN15mq Romania 24.9163/12m FT8
2023-10-08 18:42:00Z YO8PS Sorin Parlog KN37sd Romania 18.1013/17m FT8
2023-10-08 18:37:00Z RN2F Aleksandr Yu. Belov KO04fr Kaliningrad 21.0753/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:35:00Z W3BLT BENJAMIN L TEAM, III EM73xs GA,Gwinnett 21.0753/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:31:00Z 5B4AMM S Rebrov KM65OX Cyprus 21.0753/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:22:00Z US2YW Slava Zhuk KN28wg Ukraine 21.0762/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:20:00Z KM6SO ROBERT J TYKULSKER CN87VM18 WA,King 21.0762/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:14:00Z DJ0OP Henry Reichmuth JO53iv Germany 21.0762/15m FT8
2023-10-08 18:00:00Z TA4Q Atilla KARADAYI KM56 Turkey 21.0762/15m FT8
2023-10-08 00:36:00Z WH6GPZ Joseph S Keane, Jr. BL11ck Hawaii 21.0757/15m FT8
2023-10-07 21:33:00Z N0YPA TIMOTHY R SILCOTT DM42hp IA,Adair /20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:28:00Z KC4BB George W Broadway, III EM64ap AL,Limestone /20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:26:00Z KF0JQN Brandon T Lee EM37gc MO,Christian /20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:19:00Z KG7ECC John M Branham DN25WW14 MT,Ravalli 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:13:00Z W9PDP Patrick D Pellor EM69xx IN,Hamilton 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:12:00Z NV7LV David C Spease DM26je NV,Clark 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:09:00Z KC1SLQ_AE JESSIE M KNEELAND FN42jj 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:05:00Z K2SET STEPHEN G DENNY, JR FN12DU75 NY,Livingston 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:04:00Z WW5TX MATTHEW THOMAS EM12ou TX,Dallas 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:03:00Z KR4I CHRISTOPHER E RAY FM05mg NC,Harnett 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:02:00Z AJ4RJ Robert J Achtenberg EM74ta GA,Cobb 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:00:00Z AD0BC JERRY L THIEMAN EM47ai MO,Texas 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 21:00:00Z W4SDS STEVEN D SHARP EM85AQ09 TN,Blount 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:56:00Z KE4LPL Bryan P Marlowe EM75mr TN,Franklin 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:56:00Z N3BEN BENJAMIN J SOPER CM99rn CA,Placer 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:52:00Z KI5QJU Terry Majewski EM35xl AR,Cleburne 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:52:00Z AD0WN Edgar L Myers, III EM57DJ23 MO,Cape Girardeau 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:50:00Z NE0NS JACOB A FISHMAN EN62bd IL,Cook 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:50:00Z N3RCW RICHARD C WOODWORTH fm18nl MD,Charles 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:49:00Z NL7V Paul R Young, Sr BP64ft Alaska 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:48:00Z KD2TJU Todd M Stern FN23ig NY,Oneida 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:47:00Z K3SDM SCOTT D MAJORS EM78cn KY,Jefferson 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:46:00Z W5LPZ Mark D McClellan EM50nl MS,Jackson 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:45:00Z KR8P BRADLEY A HULCE EN63vj MI,Muskegon 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:45:00Z N9DPR Richard E Humphrey EM78ck IN,Clark 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:44:00Z K8LF JEROME S SVINICKI FM17pg VA,Loudoun 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:41:00Z KE8UOH RONNY L ROUSH EM98cw WV,Jackson 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:40:00Z WA1TOM Thomas Luckman, Jr FN41MX98 MA,Plymouth 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:38:00Z N9BD JOSEPH P VISALLI CM99jj CA,Yuba 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:37:00Z W8WFD Thomas W Phelps EN90gt OH,Stark 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:37:00Z WV1W DONALD K DICKEY FM28lo CT,Hartford 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:35:00Z AB4KN GEORGE S DANIEL, JR EM73rk GA,Fayette 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:35:00Z AC9YY JAMES LENTZ EN51xt IL,Du Page 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:34:00Z K5KDE CHRISTOPHER P FRANK EM12mo TX,Tarrant 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:34:00Z KG9JF MARTIN L DAVIS EM48wr IL,Madison 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:31:00Z KY4YL NANCY M SMITH EM57tc KY,Marshall 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:31:00Z KR5EEE Randall L Rash EM12sw TX,Rockwall 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:26:00Z W9AFB Scott W Grams EN52wn WI,Kenosha 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:24:00Z W5GFM THOMAS G NICOLAIDES EN45 WI,Barron 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:21:00Z WX8J JAMES W MAYERCAK EM89xx OH,Muskingum 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 20:21:00Z KC4BB George W Broadway, III EM64kv AL,Limestone 14.222/20m SSB
2023-10-07 19:22:00Z W6AFA Alexander Sherman DM04td CA,Los Angeles /15m USB
2023-10-07 19:20:00Z NS6T Thomas G Epperly CM97dr CA,Alameda /15m USB
2023-10-07 19:16:00Z W6KAP Ernest L Kapphahn CM98ql CA,Amador /15m USB
2023-10-07 19:14:00Z N6NZ David B Curtis CM87xi CA,Santa Clara /15m USB
2023-10-07 19:12:00Z AI6US Brian R Gohl CM98lx CA,Placer /15m USB
2023-10-07 18:54:00Z KG5AHJ Frank Lappin EM12lu TX,Tarrant /20m USB
2023-10-07 18:22:00Z W1RMC Middlebury College Amateur Radio Club FN34ka VT,Addison /10m USB
2023-10-07 01:34:00Z KC3IBH Lawrence R Burruss FM18 MD,Prince Georges 7.185/40m SSB
2023-10-06 21:11:00Z KF0LYM Preston K Billings EN16wf MN,Otter Tail 14.268/20m USB
2023-10-06 16:26:00Z YT7PA KN05 Serbia 24.9167/12m FT8
2023-10-06 16:09:00Z I1RJP MARIO ROJATTI JN45 Italy 24.9167/12m FT8
2023-10-06 16:06:00Z OP7B Peter Deyaert JO21cd Belgium 24.9167/12m FT8
2023-10-06 15:58:00Z LZ2ZD Milcho Yovchev KN23xu Bulgaria 24.9167/12m FT8
2023-10-06 15:57:00Z SP8LM Marek Jan Łagowski KN19 Poland 21.0757/15m FT8
2023-10-06 15:44:00Z OK1DTC Antonin (TONY) Hamouz JO60rl Czech Republic 18.1014/17m FT8
2023-10-06 15:20:00Z WC9G Timothy E Aldridge EM69vo IN,Johnson 14.195/20m USB
2023-10-05 20:22:00Z W9CPD Dejan Milovanovic DN32 ID,Bannock 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 20:21:00Z W7DCC Duane C Cassone DN25 MT,Ravalli 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 20:20:00Z WY1DHO Andrew L Kupser DN43 ID,Teton 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:55:00Z K4LO Phillip N Wilson EM60 FL,Santa Rosa 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:40:00Z W7KLA James Cooper DN40 UT,Utah 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:13:00Z K7PGL Randy J Hanrahan DN78 MT,Daniels 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:12:00Z AC6DX Steven E Rapata DM13 CA,Riverside 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:12:00Z K6DXA Southern California Six & Ten Meter Club DM13 CA,Riverside 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 19:12:00Z W4DFR David F Rees, Sr EM77 KY,Nelson 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 18:59:00Z K3ABN Henry H Norris, Iii EM74 GA,Lumpkin 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-05 18:49:00Z KD2DYJ Joseph Fratello EM78 KY,Owen 14.284/20m SSB
2023-10-02 01:25:00Z AD7FC Edward A Lisowski CN96ro WA,Yakima 14.0754/20m FT8
2023-09-30 02:05:00Z WX7Z Greg S Owen DN16 ID,Clearwater 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-30 01:36:00Z KD8NKY Randall T Abram EM89 OH,Franklin 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-30 01:14:00Z ND8F Homer L Quick EM73 GA,Paulding 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-29 17:52:00Z K9JP JEFFREY E PETERS EN82id MI,Wayne 14.0754/20m FT8
2023-09-29 03:00:00Z KC9RRN Stan L Meyers EN71 IN,Noble 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-29 02:17:00Z K6DXA Southern California Six & Ten Meter Club DM13 CA,Riverside 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-29 02:16:00Z AC6DX Steven E Rapata DM13 CA,Riverside 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-29 02:05:00Z WX7Z Greg S Owen DN16 ID,Clearwater 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-29 02:04:00Z WW7GBA Louis Jimenez DN40 UT,Wasatch 7.185/40m SSB
2023-09-28 21:48:00Z PZ2YT Yudel Torres GJ15mw Suriname 21.0754/15m FT8
2023-09-27 20:36:00Z ND0SB Northern Tier Ssb Club DN98nr ND,Bottineau 14.275/20m USB
2023-09-23 19:29:00Z EA9IB PEDRO JEREZ RUIZ IM85mg Ceuta and Melilla 24.9164/12m FT8
2023-09-23 13:45:00Z FM4SK KEILLY PINTO FK94lp Martinique 21.0759/15m FT8
2023-09-23 13:35:00Z VK9DX Nick Hacko RG30xx Norfolk Island 18.1019/17m FT8
2023-09-23 12:30:00Z 4S7AB KAMAL EDIRISINGHE NJ07 Sri Lanka 10.1379/30m FT8
2023-09-23 11:59:00Z C21TS Phillip J Hardstaff RI39 Nauru 10.1379/30m FT8
2023-09-22 23:40:00Z ZP6LMR Roberto Leonardo Maldonado GG14gp Paraguay 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-09-22 18:48:00Z W1SWL ARTHUR F GUMBUS FN31kf CT,Fairfield 18.1018/17m FT8
2023-09-22 18:45:00Z C6ACB Kinson Deleveaux FL15gb Bahamas 18.1018/17m FT8
2023-09-22 16:25:00Z TF2MSN Odinn Thor HP84xh Iceland 21.0758/15m FT8
2023-09-22 14:13:00Z ZS5HR Henry Rollandi KG50kd South Africa 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-09-21 20:13:00Z T22T Tuvalu Island Activity RI91ol Tuvalu 24.9161/12m FT8
2023-09-21 14:21:00Z VP2ETE Teddy Edwards FK88lf Anguilla 24.9174/12m FT8
2023-09-21 14:21:00Z GI5RPG (Marty) Mairtin Mac Threinir IO64rk Northern Ireland 24.9174/12m FT8
2023-09-21 14:06:00Z EU1AFL KO33 Belarus 21.0764/15m FT8
2023-09-21 14:02:00Z TF5B Billi Brynjolfur Jonsson IP05wq Iceland 21.0764/15m FT8
2023-09-21 13:39:00Z N7MYW Seumas D Ross CN85qq WA,Clark 14.0764/20m FT8
2023-09-21 12:35:00Z ZS1WC Jacques Vermeulen (JACK) KF16aj South Africa 14.0764/20m FT8
2023-09-21 01:37:00Z A71EM JUMA RASHED MUBARK AL KUWARI LL55 Qatar 14.0764/20m FT8
2023-09-19 18:24:00Z K5VGS Vincent G Scaramuzzo EL17gr TX,Nueces 14.0764/20m FT8
2023-08-04 14:30:00Z YL3CW VALERY SINTSOV KO36cm Latvia 21.076/15m FT8
2023-08-04 14:15:00Z ES2AJ Vjacheslav Rabotchev KO29km Estonia 18.102/17m FT8
2023-08-04 14:13:00Z WA1KLI JOHN S TARBOX FN44tt ME,Franklin 18.102/17m FT8
2023-08-04 14:03:00Z TF5B Billi Brynjolfur Jonsson IP05wq Iceland 18.1017/17m FT8
2023-08-04 13:43:00Z JR1NHD MAKOTO TANAKA PM95sp Japan 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-04 13:29:00Z YB3COY R I F K Y ST OI62im Indonesia 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-04 13:28:00Z JH0EHQ Akihide Fujisawa PM96cq Japan 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-04 13:26:00Z JH6URJ Masami Tashi PM53iu Japan 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-04 13:25:00Z JI3MJK TOSHIHIKO KITARA PM74sm Japan 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-03 23:50:00Z SV5AZP PADELIS (BILL ) VASSILIADIS KM46 Dodecanese 18.1017/17m FT8
2023-08-03 20:17:00Z F6GCP PATRICE GRISET JN18lt France 18.1022/17m FT8
2023-08-03 20:13:00Z SQ7BCN Marek Matysiak KO00qw Poland 18.101/17m FT8
2023-08-03 19:55:00Z KJ7WLL Alex Zakharyev CN85so WA,Clark 18.1024/17m FT8
2023-08-03 19:46:00Z AL7TC Terry W Clark BP51ko Alaska 18.1011/17m FT8
2023-08-03 19:30:00Z J88IH Ira Harris FK93JD92 St Vincent 18.1011/17m FT8
2023-08-03 18:32:00Z F4EBT Pat PERRUCHET JN18am France 21.0745/15m FT8
2023-08-03 18:26:00Z K1RH Robert C Heath, III FM19mm MD,Carroll 21.0745/15m FT8
2023-08-03 18:22:00Z GJ0KYZ Dr. Paul Mahrer IN89 Jersey 21.0745/15m FT8
2023-08-03 18:10:00Z SM0MDG BJORN MOHR JO99ah Sweden 21.0745/15m FT8
2023-08-03 17:51:00Z KD7YOX Robert E Nolte, Jr DM41um AZ,Cochise 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 17:44:00Z K8AJ Sheila K Bosscher EN72bv MI,Ottawa 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 17:40:00Z KC3KMZ Richard Morris, Sr FN00bh PA,Allegheny 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 17:38:00Z WX2U NORMAN J COLLINS, JR FN32bx NY,Saratoga 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:43:00Z AI5OS JUSTIN W MANN EM10bk TX,Travis 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:40:00Z KA7KDX BRIAN L SHEETS DN30so UT,Tooele 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:36:00Z KM6SO ROBERT J TYKULSKER CN87VM18 WA,King 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:34:00Z KD0ZJV SHOGO J COTTRELL EM28mv KS,Johnson 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:32:00Z WI4B JAMES N WARF EM67ss KY,Breckinridge 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 16:27:00Z WO7I TOM L BUNCH, JR DN10cw NV,Humboldt 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 15:52:00Z KG5U DALE L MARTIN EL29jo TX,Harris 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 15:47:00Z SA5BUM Christian (Chris) Sierau JO89fj Sweden 21.0745/15m FT8
2023-08-03 15:38:00Z WJ0T ALAN P OLIVER FM18lr VA,Fairfax 14.0745/20m FT8
2023-08-03 02:29:00Z 8P6PD Wilfred Hall GK03ed Barbados 14.074/20m FT8
2023-08-02 23:47:00Z MI0NWA Joe Baker IO64tk Northern Ireland 14.0748/20m FT8
2023-08-02 23:30:00Z YS1GMV MARIO MORAN EK53jq El Salvador 14.0748/20m FT8
2023-08-02 23:24:00Z CP6UA ENRIQUE RABCZUK FH82jf Bolivia 14.0748/20m FT8
2023-08-02 23:16:00Z WB7AUS Colton J Kenshol CN94jg OR,Deschutes 14.0746/20m FT8
2023-08-02 22:43:00Z 7Q7EMH Radio Station of Embangweni Mission Hospital KH67 Malawi 18.1006/17m FT8
2023-08-02 22:19:00Z WD0FYV Edward Shuman FM17ua VA,Hampton City 14.0746/20m FT8
2023-08-02 22:08:00Z KQ6RT GARY L CUNNINGHAM CM98ku CA,Placer 14.0746/20m FT8
2023-08-02 22:06:00Z WA1KLI JOHN S TARBOX FN44tt ME,Franklin 14.0746/20m FT8
2023-08-02 20:42:00Z W5XO DENNIS N ELY EM10ps TX,Milam 14.0746/20m FT8
2023-08-02 20:30:00Z YU1JW Lazar Pavlovic JN93vs Serbia 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 18:12:00Z KD9SZA Vernon Draper, Jr EN70gf IN,Delaware 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-08-02 18:04:00Z W7SS Kenneth J Held DM44ew AZ,Coconino 14.0751/20m FT8
2023-08-02 17:53:00Z WH6EY JOHN D MARTIN BL02hb Hawaii 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 16:10:00Z K8BL BOB LIDDY EN91hp OH,Lake 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 16:08:00Z W1AW_4 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:47:00Z KF6JOQ Larry W Callahan EM25dg OK,McIntosh 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:43:00Z W7MY GREG A CHARTRAND DN06if WA,Benton 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:41:00Z N3GHO GLORIA A CHILD EN90xi PA,Allegheny 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:14:00Z N6PE RICHARD E DARWICKI DM13cv CA,Orange 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:12:00Z KC3NDU Keith M Lynn FN21hl PA,Wayne 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:09:00Z NZ3B Erik C Closson FN00tk PA,Blair 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 15:05:00Z KJ7OOR Jon B Mabry DM35wx AZ,Coconino 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 14:18:00Z N3KN Kay C Craigie EM97sg VA,Montgomery 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 13:47:00Z TG4_KT8X Guatemala 21.0757/15m FT8
2023-08-02 13:36:00Z 5W1SA ATSUO SAKUMA AH46 Samoa 14.0757/20m FT8
2023-08-02 13:33:00Z W5MF HAROLD V FITZGERALD, JR EM20fa TX,Harris 14.075/20m FT8
2023-08-02 13:32:00Z K4TER KATHLEEN R GILLIAM FM18fl VA,Stafford 14.075/20m FT8
2023-08-02 03:22:00Z AA0JB Jimmy G Ball EM37 MO,Cedar 3.83/80m SSB
2023-08-02 03:18:00Z W0KT Curtis J Lowe DM88 CO,Cheyenne 3.83/80m SSB
2023-08-02 03:09:00Z W0KAD Kenneth A Dauma EM29sg MO,Clay 3.83/80m SSB
2023-08-02 02:49:00Z VE3KUZ Robert Mckinley EN82 Canada 7.185/40m SSB
2023-08-02 02:46:00Z KJ5BPE Travis L Cross EM35 AR,Arkansas 7.185/40m SSB
2023-08-02 02:41:00Z WD5CSK Ronald J Reid EM15 OK,Oklahoma 7.185/40m SSB
2023-08-02 02:20:00Z N2QIL Kenneth D Cameron FN23 NY,Saratoga 7.185/40m SSB
2023-08-01 01:42:00Z WD4OBP Cliff W Boltz FM16mq VA,Southampton 7.075/40m FT8
2023-08-01 01:39:00Z K0SMM Shaun M Munson EN10pt NE,Lancaster 7.075/40m FT8
2023-08-01 01:22:00Z K8TB Thomas L Bosscher EN72bv MI,Ottawa 7.075/40m FT8
2023-07-31 02:02:00Z AC9ZZ STEVEN D CRAWFORD EM58hv IL,Bond 7.075/40m FT8
2023-07-24 02:14:00Z W4VHZ Christopher C Rhoney FM18hl VA,Stafford /20m USB
2023-07-24 02:11:00Z VE6TX Kenneth C Marianix DO33bn Canada /20m USB
2023-06-08 00:44:00Z KN4VLT MATTHEW S WEIRICH EM83 NC,Haywood 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:43:00Z NF0J Dave A Ruch EN11 NM,Sierra 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:43:00Z KN6YFD JACOB R ELLWOOD DM05 CA,Alameda 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:42:00Z W4WDK PHILIP P NELSON EM83 VA,Pittsylvania 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:39:00Z KB9PRF David J Griffin EN53te WI,Washington 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:37:00Z WA2SLH CHARLES E Blackford, IV FN21 IN,Harrison 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:36:00Z VE3YTN Tom Walter Nollert FN03 Canada 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:34:00Z W4HE JON H JOHNSON EM83 KY,Fleming 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:34:00Z N5COP FRANK N MURPHY EM11 TX,Randall 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:32:00Z KY4YI John Finn EM83 NC,Iredell 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:32:00Z K4KPD Christian M Shepherd EM83 GA,Paulding 14.34/20m SSB
2023-06-08 00:17:00Z K0OE BRUCE A HEGRENES EN11 MN,Saint Louis 7.272/40m SSB
2023-06-07 23:58:00Z AC6CA DARIN R BELL DM13eo CA,Orange 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:58:00Z AC0CU Patty J Chiles EN11 MO,Cape Girardeau 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:56:00Z WX7OR Jeffrey A McKinnis DN11 OR,Multnomah 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:55:00Z AE4XO HOWARD P EDWARDS EM83 GA,Houston 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:54:00Z AI7MO John M Zinza DN11 WA,Thurston 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:54:00Z KC6TDR PATRICK J FLANNERY DM14ab CA,Los Angeles 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:53:00Z VA7SGY Bruce Cairnie CN89 Canada 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:52:00Z I4RHP RODOLFO CAPPELLETTI JN54 Italy 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:52:00Z KE4QCY ROBERT J HOOD, II EM63 AL,Saint Clair 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:50:00Z N4SAX RANDALL A SHERWOOD EM83 FL,Okaloosa 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:48:00Z AE4ST Gerard W Dehner, Jr EM83 GA,Appling 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:45:00Z K8LF JEROME S SVINICKI FM17 VA,Loudoun 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:44:00Z KO4EAC Scott P Bailey EM83 GA,Paulding 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:43:00Z KQ4BII Richard A Jolley EM83 AL,Coffee 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:41:00Z WJ1R James R Repetti FN42 MA,Norfolk 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:40:00Z KG5RSV CHARLES M LIGON EM11 TX,Henderson 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:39:00Z N1SFE PAUL R BOURQUE FN42 CT,Middlesex 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:37:00Z KN6VVQ Jacques Behar DM05 CA,Ventura 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:35:00Z K2HA FREDERICK J SCHRAMM FN21 PA,Delaware 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:34:00Z WS8H Jeremy P Lane EN81 WV,Monongalia 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:33:00Z VE3NEP Frank Saunders FN03 Canada 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:32:00Z WA3SLE ROBERT J CRAFTON FM19 PA,Washington 14.333/20m SSB
2023-06-07 23:24:00Z KC8LUB Jeromy K Daniels EM85dw TN,Knox /20m SSB
2023-05-13 18:17:00Z W0LGQ GREGORY W CLAUSEN EN21CI IA,Pottawattamie 10368/3CM SSB
2023-02-06 16:07:00Z FS_VA3ZC Paul K Egan FK88 St Martin 28.0767/10m FT8
2023-02-06 15:33:00Z C5YK Andre Bourbon IK13 The Gambia 28.0815/10m FT8
2023-01-15 00:03:00Z XQ7UP_3 Esteban Asenjo Castruccio FF44 Chile 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-15 00:00:00Z JA2HGF Yasumasa Ogawa PM85 Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:59:00Z JG3MPK PM74mq Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:59:00Z RM0F Yuri Burykh QN16 Asiatic Russia 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:56:00Z 7M2PDT Shukou Umezawa PM95 Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:54:00Z W7ZR Richard A Zalewski DM26jb NV,Clark 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:48:00Z JE2UFF Toshimi Horie PM94bu Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:47:00Z JA7RPC Kiyoshi Yoshida QM07eg Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:45:00Z JH1LPZ Naomi Kubota PM95 Japan 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 23:42:00Z KG6HI Jerry W Thalls CM87xi CA,Santa Clara 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-14 16:59:00Z SP1NL Leszek Brancewicz JO73 Poland 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-01-14 16:51:00Z J69DS Frans Van Santbrink FK94ma St Lucia 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-01-14 16:47:00Z HH2AA Radio Club D'haït FK38uk Haiti 24.9169/12m FT8
2023-01-14 00:05:00Z FK8GM Eric Esposito RG37 New Caledonia 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 23:59:00Z V26K Joseph Trench FK97bc Antigua and Barbuda 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 23:45:00Z PZ5RA Ramon Kaersenhout GJ25jq Suriname 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 20:54:00Z CE4WJK Gustavo Velasquez FF46 Chile 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 16:55:00Z EI2GLB Trevor Dunne IO53 Ireland 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 16:38:00Z EC6DX Jose A. Senent JM29du Balearic Islands 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-13 14:45:00Z YU7ZZ Jozsef Sipos KN05 Serbia 24.9157/12m FT8
2023-01-12 15:25:00Z EC3A Fernando Martinez JN00jv Spain 24.9171/12m FT8
2023-01-12 15:18:00Z GW0TKX Alan F Mason IO81ip Wales 24.9171/12m FT8
2023-01-12 14:39:00Z OK4ZAW Qro.Cz Company JN79 Czech Republic 24.9171/12m FT8
2023-01-12 00:17:00Z JA2KVD Yasunori Naito PM84uq Japan 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-11 23:05:00Z HL2IFR Ryu, Eun-Soo PM37hl South Korea 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-11 22:28:00Z K3YGC Timothy M Shoemaker, 499 FM03ms SC,Horry 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-11 22:24:00Z J35X Derek Steele FK92 Grenada 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-11 21:16:00Z J69DS Frans Van Santbrink FK94ma St Lucia 24.917/12m FT8
2023-01-11 15:43:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 24.9161/12m FT8
2023-01-11 15:33:00Z PA3DOL Sjoerd Brattinga JO22mt Netherlands 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-11 15:29:00Z GW4OGO Steve Williams IO81nn Wales 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-11 15:07:00Z IS0KNG Raffaele Cugia JN40 Sardinia 24.9159/12m FT8
2023-01-11 01:34:00Z KG5RJ Gregory E Hall EM12ox TX,Collin 7.07485/40m FT8
2023-01-11 01:28:00Z WA1HCO Jeffrey R Millar FN42ev NH,Hillsborough 7.07485/40m FT8
2023-01-10 18:57:00Z TN8K David Beran JI78 Congo 24.9239/12m FT8
2023-01-10 15:59:00Z OM3DX Michal Janitor KN08pq Slovak Republic 14.0763/20m FT8
2023-01-09 20:55:00Z VO2NS Nazaire Simon FO93 Canada 28.0763/10m FT8
2023-01-09 19:16:00Z HH75RCH Radio Club D'haït FK39 Haiti 28.0763/10m FT8
2023-01-09 19:09:00Z ZS6NL Johan Hoolsema KG44ej South Africa 28.0763/10m FT8
2023-01-09 17:14:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 28.0759/10m FT8
2023-01-09 16:57:00Z K4CBW Charles B West, Iii FM05qu NC,Wake 28.0747/10m FT8
2023-01-09 15:15:00Z HR5_F2JD Gerard Jacot EK65 Honduras 28.0876/10m FT8
2023-01-09 14:55:00Z LX1JH Jean-Marie Juchemes JN39fr Luxembourg 28.0745/10m FT8
2023-01-07 21:01:00Z PJ4BZL Berry Smulders FK52 Bonaire 14.0763/20m FT8
2023-01-07 14:52:00Z FT8WW Thierry . JN16 Crozet Island 14.0856/20m FT8
2023-01-06 22:10:00Z VO1DZA Graham Douglas Dillabough GN28 Canada 10.1376/30m FT8
2023-01-06 21:54:00Z 3C3CA Ersoy Yilmaz JJ43ir Equatorial Guinea 10.1381/30m FT8
2023-01-06 18:09:00Z ON3NR Pascal Etienne JO20km Belgium 21.0749/15m FT8
2023-01-06 17:37:00Z VE1KF Lawrence Brent Rudderham FN84dn Canada 21.0749/15m FT8
2023-01-06 17:33:00Z 5P1KZX Michael Flensted Moeller JO56 Denmark 21.0749/15m FT8
2023-01-06 16:44:00Z OM3SX Michal Hudak KN09 Slovak Republic 21.0858/15m FT8
2023-01-06 16:14:00Z EA6TH Miguel Abrines Reus JM19 Balearic Islands 21.0851/15m FT8
2023-01-06 13:58:00Z PU2UTY Eduardo Oliveira GG66 Brazil 21.0751/15m FT8
2023-01-06 01:06:00Z FR4OP Fabrice Hoarau LG78rr Reunion 14.0748/20m FT8
2023-01-06 00:56:00Z VE9LZ Volodymyr Shabaldas FN67ad Canada 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-06 00:19:00Z 7Q7EMH Radio Station Of Embangweni Mission Hospital KH67 Malawi 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 23:33:00Z FG1AG Jean-Louis Tamas FK96 Guadeloupe 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 23:25:00Z OA4CBH Leopoldo Passalacqua Soto FH17lv Peru 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 22:44:00Z OA4EA Nacho G FH17 Peru 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 19:00:00Z EA4D Oscar Del Nogal IN80kn Spain 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 15:09:00Z AH6U Arch Stewart BL11 Hawaii 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 15:05:00Z C6AGU George Wallner FL24 Bahamas 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 03:45:00Z ZL2CC Mike. S. Mather RF81wm New Zealand 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 01:46:00Z KL7TC William E Hunstein BP51 Alaska 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-05 01:37:00Z HC3RJ Jack D. Rodriguez Z. FI06ar Ecuador 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-04 22:06:00Z YS1GMV Mario Moran EK53 El Salvador 14.0759/20m FT8
2023-01-04 21:49:00Z 5K6RM Liga Radioaficionados Manizales - Dx Group FJ24 Colombia 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-01-04 21:43:00Z HH75RCH Radio Club D'haït FK39 Haiti 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-01-04 21:34:00Z TI3DK Edwin Chaves EJ89au Costa Rica 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-01-04 21:34:00Z LB2HH Terje Egil Sando JP33qb Norway 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-01-04 21:26:00Z ZR6CV Christiaan Johannes Visser KG34 South Africa 14.0758/20m FT8
2023-01-03 22:00:00Z KF4KRF David C Lowery EM95 GA,Clarke 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-01-03 21:32:00Z J72GCG Clarence Guiste FK95hk Dominica 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-01-03 21:29:00Z NN3RP Rafael A Pena FM18lw DC,District of Columbia 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-01-03 21:15:00Z NF3R Joel R Rubincam FN20dg PA,Montgomery 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-01-03 21:08:00Z N2NWK Archibald A Delfish FM18 MD,Baltimore City 14.0755/20m FT8
2023-01-03 21:06:00Z AE5B John C Dyer EM02kl TX,Callahan 14.0755/20m FT8
2022-12-30 15:43:00Z UT7UV Sasha Ananyev KO50 Ukraine 14.0859/20m FT8
2022-12-30 15:11:00Z K5BYN Ray L Armstrong EM25mo OK,Sequoyah 14.0868/20m FT8
2022-12-29 22:41:00Z CT3MD Jose Manuel Barcelos Vasconcelos IM13tb Madeira Island 10.1364/30m FT8
2022-12-29 22:39:00Z N8UI Michael J Nolan EN82 MI,Wayne 10.1381/30m FT8
2022-12-29 18:26:00Z YB1INQ Nunu Herudin OI33 Indonesia 14.0869/20m FT8
2022-12-29 17:39:00Z KA0BOJ Matthew N Anderson EN10 NE,Lancaster 14.0864/20m FT8
2022-12-29 17:15:00Z KP4OMR Felix O Martinez FK68 Puerto Rico 14.086/20m FT8
2022-12-29 17:08:00Z NI0P Brian T Schmidt EN00qt NE,Hall 14.0873/20m FT8
2022-12-29 17:06:00Z HR5_F2JD Gerard Jacot EK65 Honduras 14.0873/20m FT8
2022-12-29 16:20:00Z KI5QJU Terry Majewski EM35 AR,Cleburne 14.0749/20m FT8
2022-12-28 23:43:00Z K7CAR Kent B O Sell DM37 14.0754/20m FT8
2022-12-28 23:39:00Z D2UY Mikalai Makeichyk JI64 Angola 14.0742/20m FT8
2022-12-28 16:52:00Z K5ATP ALAN T PETERSON EM54le MS,Pontotoc 14.0748/20m FT8
2022-11-13 09:12:00Z 6K5ELF Jung Hyun Son PM37nv South Korea 147.03/2m DSTAR
2022-09-30 02:23:00Z KD0FX David R Phelps EN10bt NE,Hamilton 147.03/2M SSB
2022-09-30 02:12:00Z KC0EQA DOUGLAS J WAUGH EN00so NE,Adams 147.03/2M SSB
2022-09-27 01:25:00Z KC1NYZ Brian Lutton FN42la MA,Plymouth 14.0751/20m FT8
2022-09-27 01:23:00Z KC3TXC Galen S Griffin FM18sw MD,Anne Arundel 14.0758/20m FT8
2022-09-27 01:22:00Z WA4YJY Thomas L Jones EL99hx FL,Saint Johns 14.0758/20m FT8
2022-09-27 01:20:00Z VE7LGP Lloyd G. Pedersen CN89ud Canada 14.0758/20m FT8
2022-09-27 01:12:00Z WF1T Francis A Towle FN43gm NH,Belknap 14.0744/20m FT8
2022-09-27 01:09:00Z AE7RN Sabin A Sturtevant DN45is MT,Gallatin 14.0749/20m FT8
2022-09-26 22:41:00Z KD4MZM Eric T Owen EL87rg FL,Sarasota 14.0745/20m FT8
2022-07-03 20:06:00Z K2J 13 Colonies Special Event - North Carolina FM05tp NC,Gaston 14.256/20m USB
2022-07-03 20:01:00Z K2M Skyview Radio Society K3mjw FN22bc 21.315/15m USB
2022-07-01 01:25:00Z MI0GOZ Vladas Maksimavicius IO64qs Northern Ireland 14.0745/20m FT8
2022-07-01 01:16:00Z RN9AZ Vitaliy Trofimov MO05td Asiatic Russia 14.0763/20m FT8
2022-06-16 15:37:00Z XE2JS Julian Salas DL68 Mexico 50.3136/6m FT8
2022-06-14 18:53:00Z WA0QHJ Douglas M Hart EN00wk NE,Clay 50.3144/6m FT8
2022-06-14 18:47:00Z K7ZYV Carl J Middlekauff EM50nk MS,Jackson 50.3144/6m FT8
2022-06-02 18:16:00Z W3LL Benjamin A Governale FM19rl MD,Baltimore 50.3141/6m FT8
2022-06-02 14:59:00Z NF7E Robert C Wertz DM45ff AZ,Coconino 50.314/6m FT8
2022-06-02 01:33:00Z N5BO Justin A Fountain EM60 FL,Okaloosa 50.3138/6m FT8
2022-06-01 21:54:00Z WQ0P Gregory A Cerny, Sr EM19 KS,Pottawatomie 50.3134/6m FT8
2022-05-29 01:59:00Z WD0BGZ Alan D Wedige EN00kr NE,Buffalo 50.3142/6m FT8
2022-05-28 19:14:00Z KE9CK Robert L Robinson EN60 IN,Tippecanoe 50.3142/6m FT8
2022-05-27 15:59:00Z WA0QHJ Douglas M Hart EN00wk NE,Clay 50.3152/6m FT8
2022-05-27 15:35:00Z WQ0P Gregory A Cerny, Sr EM19wf KS,Pottawatomie 50.3152/6m FT8
2022-05-18 19:45:00Z F4EBT Pat Perruchet JN18 France 21.0751/15m FT8
2022-05-18 15:00:00Z SP7SMF Mark Jack Smialek JO91 Poland 21.0751/15m FT8
2022-05-18 14:25:00Z 9Y4DG Dev Gosine FK90gf Trinidad and Tobago 21.0746/15m FT8
2022-05-18 14:17:00Z 9A2GB Ivan Drzanic JN75 Croatia 21.0747/15m FT8
2022-05-18 13:30:00Z JA1JAN Kunito Komatsu PM95 Japan 14.075/20m FT8
2022-05-18 13:18:00Z JA1IAZ Noriaki Ohuchi PM95 Japan 14.075/20m FT8
2022-05-18 13:11:00Z VA7LM Doug Keech CO54qb Canada 14.0759/20m FT8
2022-05-18 12:58:00Z CO2AME Amed Santana Gonzalez EL83 Cuba 14.0761/20m FT8
2022-05-18 12:39:00Z DU1JM Felimon Morano, Jr. PK03 Philippines 14.0765/20m FT8
2022-05-18 12:37:00Z JA0FOX Nobuhiro Fukuzawa PM85vm Japan 14.0765/20m FT8
2022-05-18 12:35:00Z YC2WXV N . Agus Winanto OI52ef Indonesia 14.0742/20m FT8
2022-05-18 11:40:00Z VK3MW Geoff Haynes QF22hc Australia 14.0747/20m FT8
2022-05-18 11:35:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 14.0757/20m FT8
2022-05-07 20:31:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 18.1024/17m FT8
2022-05-07 20:29:00Z N5LYJ Kenneth B Hucksoll EM15 MT,Flathead 18.1025/17m FT8
2022-05-07 20:27:00Z JA2KVD Yasunori Naito PM84 Japan 18.1023/17m FT8
2022-05-07 20:18:00Z W0OVX Robert M Anderson DN98kc ND,Ward 14.0759/20m FT8
2022-05-07 03:34:00Z OP4K Joe Ziegelshiffer JO21ff Belgium 14.074/20m FT8
2022-05-07 03:23:00Z SV1EAG George Chilas KM18tb Greece 14.0765/20m FT8
2022-05-07 02:57:00Z YO3TN Don Doru Militaru KN34 Romania 14.0746/20m FT8
2022-05-07 02:38:00Z E74K Dzevad Kosovac JN95 Bosnia and Herzegovina 14.0762/20m FT8
2022-05-01 03:01:00Z IK4LZH Gianluca "John" Mazzini JN54 Italy 10.1363/30m FT8
2022-05-01 02:36:00Z V31DL Dr. Andre T. Scholz EK57 Belize 14.0749/20m FT8
2022-05-01 02:30:00Z K7CAR Kent B O Sell DM27 14.0749/20m FT8
2022-04-30 19:57:00Z K7UFO Carl H Puckett CN85oj CA,Los Angeles 14.0749/20m FT8
2022-04-27 01:38:00Z KV0RE Sasha Krasnov EL09sn TX,Bexar 14.333/20m USB
2021-12-22 18:29:00Z W6VAH Jerry Pettis Va Amateur Radio Club DM14ib CA,San Bernardino 14.255/20m USB
2021-12-22 03:00:00Z K4SHP Jason R Morgan FM03 SC,Horry 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-12-22 02:39:00Z WA4WGY Gary R Benson FM06sa NC,Franklin 7.0756/40m FT8
2021-12-22 02:38:00Z KA2IRQ Marlo Montanaro FN20xg NJ,Monmouth 7.07453/40m FT8
2021-12-19 20:59:00Z K5LD Walter J Aucoin, Jr EL98qc FL,Brevard 18.12/17m USB
2021-12-19 20:59:00Z KN4ZGM David W Knickerbocker EL97px FL,Brevard 18.12/17m USB
2021-12-19 20:49:00Z W7LHT Zachary J Milne CN85tl OR,Multnomah 21.347/15m USB
2021-12-19 20:38:00Z CO8LY Eduardo Somoano Cremati FL20 Cuba 24.9157/12m FT8
2021-12-14 02:41:00Z AF1RO Andrew G Pearson EL98pf FL,Brevard 7.07529/40m FT8
2021-12-14 02:37:00Z WV8DL Derek V Long EM98ux WV,Upshur 7.07599/40m FT8
2021-12-14 01:59:00Z N0NWY Kay Schilla DN97od ND,McLean 7.07596/40m FT8
2021-12-14 01:57:00Z W0OVX Robert M Anderson DN98kc ND,Ward 7.07596/40m FT8
2021-12-13 03:51:00Z N0KEN Kenneth R Henke EN26uo MN,Crow Wing 7.07563/40m FT8
2021-12-13 03:46:00Z XE2GRM Gildardo Rosas Meza. DM11 Mexico 7.07563/40m FT8
2021-11-09 21:30:00Z AA1SQ John F Boothroyd, Jr DM33 AZ,Maricopa 14.0756/20m FT8
2021-11-09 21:23:00Z K4QAL Charles E Stuart EM50cf LA,Saint Tammany 14.0755/20m FT8
2021-11-09 12:48:00Z N3KAE Alfred J Zelna FN21 PA,Wyoming 7.07474/40m FT8
2021-11-05 17:10:00Z K9SHY Stephen H Yancey EN50 14.0748/20m FT8
2021-11-03 21:57:00Z N6MA D Paul Gagnon EM65 AZ,Coconino 14.0753/20m FT8
2021-11-03 21:55:00Z KI7LDQ Jay Ham CN88pk WA,Skagit 14.0753/20m FT8
2021-11-03 21:48:00Z JA1SJV Solo H. Ikegami PM95so Japan 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-03 21:40:00Z KH6YY Alexander E Benton BL01xp Hawaii 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-03 21:37:00Z KL7ILA George M Eppler BP51hn Alaska 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-02 20:29:00Z WB2FVR Michael F Dinan EL87wx FL,Hillsborough 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-02 20:19:00Z WA6OVP Tom M Arnold CM88 NV,Washoe 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-02 20:13:00Z VA3GLB Daniel Boulet FN25 Canada 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-11-02 02:45:00Z VA3MJR David Ross FN03bf Canada 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-11-02 02:26:00Z EA8FJ Alberto Diaz Bejerano IL18 Canary Islands 7.0744/40m FT8
2021-11-02 02:03:00Z K5KOS Allen R Harrison EL29fs TX,Harris 7.07447/40m FT8
2021-11-01 23:40:00Z VE2CKW Couture Marc FN35je Canada 14.075/20m FT8
2021-11-01 23:37:00Z W7ACP John R Snell DN13qp ID,Canyon 14.075/20m FT8
2021-11-01 23:19:00Z CU7AA Altino Costa Goulart ( Al ) HM58 Azores 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-11-01 21:52:00Z VE5BKO Bayne K Opseth DO72 Canada 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-11-01 21:42:00Z N7OLQ Brett E Miller DN40bk UT,Utah 14.0759/20m FT8
2021-11-01 21:37:00Z NK0V Arend Schuurman EN14sf SD,Brookings 14.0759/20m FT8
2021-11-01 21:35:00Z JA7AKW Kiyosi Abe QM08 Japan 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-10-31 00:58:00Z 3D2USU Fallen King Activity RH82 Fiji 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-10-31 00:16:00Z LU3ADP Marcelo Gabriel GF05 Argentina 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-31 00:15:00Z KC8ZZ William R Tate EL89uc FL,Marion 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-31 00:04:00Z C6AHB Richard Visman FL05 Bahamas 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-30 23:47:00Z AG4OS Richard L Mc Kay EM64nr AL,Madison 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-30 23:43:00Z KO4HJL David A Schultz FM18jq VA,Fairfax 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-30 23:28:00Z K4VMG John W Holmes EL29cs TX,Fort Bend 14.0757/20m FT8
2021-10-30 23:05:00Z 8P6QA Emerson Cyrus GK03 Barbados 14.0748/20m FT8
2021-10-30 22:50:00Z 7P8RU Russian Dxpedition Team * KG30 Lesotho 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-10-30 22:41:00Z LW8DOZ Rolando R Vidal GF12gf Argentina 14.075/20m FT8
2021-10-30 21:16:00Z CT1ISH Henrique "Henri" Antonio IM58 Portugal 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:28:00Z KD2UCJ Robert N Snyder FN23bw NY,Jefferson 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:25:00Z N9GNY Steven M Grable FM03ls SC,Horry 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:22:00Z AB9QT Gilbert A Daniel, Iii EN55hp WI,Oneida 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:20:00Z N3RES Ray R Augustyniak FM19pk MD,Allegany 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:03:00Z HB9TKB Reto Trachsel JN36 Switzerland 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-30 20:01:00Z IV3VBM Mario Simonutti JN66 Italy 14.0754/20m FT8
2021-10-30 19:57:00Z WA8E Donald J Petrow EN82ll MI,Macomb 14.0754/20m FT8
2021-10-30 19:30:00Z IW2CDH Antonio Tagliabue JN45 Italy 14.0754/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:48:00Z KN6NXM Albert J Gonzalez CM97bx CA,Contra Costa 14.0753/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:47:00Z KB5GA Delos R Crain EL49wx LA,Jefferson 14.0753/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:44:00Z N6CRC Christopher R Cayetano CM97ah CA,Santa Clara 14.0753/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:36:00Z KD7MA Howard D Mcvay CN87vq WA,King 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:33:00Z VE3FMQ Joseph D Cooper FN03 Canada 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 16:29:00Z K4BDK Bruce D Kelso EM64il AL,Lawrence 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 15:04:00Z KM6PEL Douglas P Lewis DN17pv ID,Kootenai 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 15:00:00Z KD2NOM Mark W Steele FN20ti NJ,Middlesex 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 14:54:00Z WA4CAS Emmit M Collins, Jr EM92ql SC,Beaufort 14.076/20m FT8
2021-10-29 14:24:00Z G1YBB Steve Clements IO82pa England 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-29 13:56:00Z N3TEP Tommy H Parker EM64mc AL,Cullman 14.0745/20m FT8
2021-10-29 11:41:00Z JF1LMB Takao Hashimoto PM95 Japan 10.1365/30m FT8
2021-10-29 02:14:00Z KE8FHH John M Weeman EN90 OH,Wayne 7.0752/40m FT8
2021-10-29 02:05:00Z KK4RXE Jason R Patterson EM75jg TN,Hamilton 7.0752/40m FT8
2021-10-28 23:27:00Z KE7OHK John G Lea DM43ah AZ,Maricopa 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-28 20:15:00Z VE3FTG John Ley Reid FN04 Canada 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-28 19:54:00Z W9ID Lester J Chadwick EN61po IN,La Porte 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-28 19:07:00Z VE6LEW Lewis Marshall DO20 Canada 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-28 17:50:00Z KB0US Mark W Rosneck DN22sn ID,Twin Falls 14.0756/20m FT8
2021-10-28 17:38:00Z KL7EC Jeramy N Haygood BP51go Alaska 14.0756/20m FT8
2021-10-28 17:23:00Z WA9THI Jerry W Hankins, Jr EM69hn IN,Vigo 14.0756/20m FT8
2021-10-28 17:19:00Z AE2T Albert M Gritzmacher FN03pd NY,Niagara 14.0756/20m FT8
2021-10-28 17:09:00Z KT7RC Tortolita Radio Club DM42li AZ,Pima 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 16:47:00Z OZ1BLP Knud Erik Sloth JO46 Denmark 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 15:18:00Z KL7AF Zachary R Darnell EM70dd FL,Bay 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 14:57:00Z DL2VPO Claus-Peter Opitz JO61 Germany 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 14:44:00Z RA3AL Gennady (Gene) Zubarev KO85wn Russia 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 14:04:00Z HA7TM Tibor (Tibi) Nemeth JN97 Hungary 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 14:00:00Z UA6CE Vladimir A. Bashtynsky LN05bu Russia 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 12:42:00Z OE3PBS Bernhard Peinsipp JN87 Austria 14.0747/20m FT8
2021-10-28 02:46:00Z AG6AB William A Goldsmith DM13uq CA,Butte 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 02:11:00Z KN4WGE Andrew C Yant EM66sp TN,Sumner 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 02:05:00Z KN4YOF Russell S Philips EM64ov AL,Limestone 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 02:03:00Z N2BTX Charles W Miller FN02xq NY,Wyoming 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 01:40:00Z W4DCJ Dewey L Corbin, Jr FM16np VA,Southampton 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 01:27:00Z WD8ANZ Darrel O Baxter EN80qq OH,Richland 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 01:21:00Z W1CBK Charles B Kimes EM79vq OH,Montgomery 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 01:16:00Z HA7TM Tibor (Tibi) Nemeth JN97 Hungary 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 01:07:00Z IZ8VYU Emilio Gualtieri JN71gm Italy 7.07513/40m FT8
2021-10-28 00:47:00Z HC1DAZ Alberto Vega Portela FI09 Ecuador 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-28 00:45:00Z CE4BRO Quéllinus Andaúr Anda FF44dn Chile 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-28 00:38:00Z WA3DB Darren L Baker CN87vr WA,King 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-28 00:35:00Z VA7TQB Thomas D Ball CN89 Canada 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-28 00:31:00Z OX7AKT Mikkel Nielsen GP47 Greenland 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-27 23:56:00Z JA3BOA Hideo Inui PM74 Japan 21.0751/15m FT8
2021-10-27 23:29:00Z CX1RL Carlos Morales GF25 Uruguay 21.0751/15m FT8
2021-10-27 23:20:00Z JA2KVD Yasunori Naito PM84 Japan 21.0751/15m FT8
2021-10-27 22:48:00Z HP1KZ Aurelio Herrera Delgado FJ08gx Panama 18.1017/17m FT8
2021-10-27 22:41:00Z HI8RMQ Rafael Mota FK58 Dominican Republic 18.1006/17m FT8
2021-10-27 21:33:00Z NA6G Steven L Bassett DM06cv CA,Fresno 18.1014/17m FT8
2021-10-27 21:17:00Z KO4LLB Aaron D Crispin FM18gf VA,Spotsylvania 18.1014/17m FT8
2021-10-27 21:14:00Z KP2B St Croix Vi Contest Groups FK77 US Virgin Islands 18.1014/17m FT8
2021-10-27 21:02:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 21.075/15m FT8
2021-10-27 01:18:00Z AA1SU Paul N Gayet FN34kl VT,Chittenden 7.07452/40m FT8
2021-10-26 23:42:00Z BX4AL Hitoshi Lai ヒ PL05 Taiwan 21.0757/15m FT8
2021-10-26 23:30:00Z R0LM Valery V. Savin PN65 Russia 21.0757/15m FT8
2021-10-26 23:27:00Z KH6XX Randall F Sobol BL11 Hawaii 21.0757/15m FT8
2021-10-26 22:59:00Z PJ2MAN Sherman Elizabeth FK52 Curacao 18.1009/17m FT8
2021-10-26 20:10:00Z KD9YY Shawn S Sullivan EN60xa IN,Hamilton 14.0765/20m FT8
2021-10-26 18:21:00Z W5JBF Jerry B Fowler EL29hk TX,Brazoria 14.0752/20m FT8
2021-10-26 17:51:00Z SA6JAB Jan-Ake E (Jan) Borjesson JO66lt Sweden 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-26 17:09:00Z LY1CX Audrius Zuzevicius KO25 Lithuania 14.0762/20m FT8
2021-10-26 16:56:00Z S51DD Srecko Zelenik JN76 Slovenia 14.0762/20m FT8
2021-10-26 16:47:00Z HK3C John - Qth FJ24 Colombia 14.0762/20m FT8
2021-10-26 16:30:00Z UX1UA Sergei Litvinov KO50 Ukraine 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-26 16:03:00Z OH2ZZ Vilho Flink KP20 Finland 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-26 14:46:00Z ES3RM Mait Tomson KO28js Estonia 14.0758/20m FT8
2021-10-26 13:47:00Z K5NWZ Shawn T Bates EL29 TX,Brazoria 14.075/20m FT8
2021-10-26 13:38:00Z PD7RF Frits Keyman JO22mp Netherlands 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-26 13:32:00Z DL8ZBA Harald Renner JN49lt Germany 14.0751/20m FT8
2021-10-26 10:59:00Z JA8LJL Naomi Takeda QN23fv Japan 7.07616/40m FT8
2021-10-26 10:53:00Z N1NK James L Spears, Jr FN41kn RI,Newport 7.07616/40m FT8
2021-10-26 10:50:00Z KC1BUF James C Eldridge FN43hf NH,Merrimack 7.07616/40m FT8
2021-10-26 03:32:00Z 5T5PA Johannes Hafkenscheid IL10 Mauritania 7.07611/40m FT8
2021-10-26 00:48:00Z KC4EVR Jeffery P Hogue EM55gw TN,Lauderdale 7.07611/40m FT8
2021-10-07 21:09:00Z KC5TT Jeffery P Macmillian EL29cs TX,Harris 14.31/20m USB
2021-10-03 19:20:00Z WD0BGZ Alan D Wedige EN00kr NE,Buffalo 7.0753/40m FT8
2021-10-03 19:17:00Z KR0P John A Mardock EN10rm NE,Lancaster 7.0753/40m FT8
2021-10-03 19:01:00Z KG7OTQ Brad A Moran DN91rc NE,Saunders 146.52/2m FM
2021-10-03 18:58:00Z NM3A Daniel B Walter FN00fl PA,Westmoreland 146.52/2m FM
2021-10-03 18:55:00Z KD0FX David R Phelps EN10bt NE,Hamilton 146.52/2m FM
2021-10-03 01:44:00Z WW0WWV Wwv Amateur Radio Club DN70 CO,Larimer 3.57445/80m FT8
2021-10-03 01:16:00Z WD0BGZ Alan D Wedige EN00kr NE,Buffalo 3.57523/80m FT8
2021-09-30 03:47:00Z KE6JNO Michael G Beck DN40bo UT,Salt Lake 7.07552/40m FT8
2021-09-30 03:40:00Z VE3NEA Alex Shovkoplyas FN03 Canada 7.07564/40m FT8
2021-09-30 03:23:00Z F5NBQ Fabrice "Fab" Sibard JN05 France 10.1376/30m FT8
2021-09-11 20:35:00Z N9VFR David S Duncan DN96vd IL,Madison 14.291/20m USB
2021-09-11 02:37:00Z NK1I Roger C Pushor FN43tt ME,Cumberland 7.07604/40m FT8
2021-09-11 02:32:00Z K0LWC Matthew L Kaskavitch EN35gc MN,Hennepin 7.07604/40m FT8
2021-09-11 01:38:00Z K4YTZ York County Amateur Radio Society Inc EM94lv SC,York 14.24/20m USB
2021-09-09 22:53:00Z KF4BAN Robert P Cannon, Jr FM19mt PA,York 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:50:00Z KC3DDB Gary T Donahoe FN01qc PA,Clearfield 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:49:00Z NO2C Louis J Maggio FN30js NY,Suffolk 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:48:00Z K3MRK W Mark Walton FN10uc PA,Lancaster 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:45:00Z CU3BL Manuel Simoes De Oliveira HM68iq Azores 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:44:00Z KO4PTI Shaun D Obrien EM60rk FL,Okaloosa 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:42:00Z N4WMB Mack H Shannon EM94or SC,Lancaster 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:42:00Z KE7WEG Michael J Larson CN85rt WA,Clark 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:40:00Z W1JGM John G Morelli FN31fk CT,Fairfield 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:39:00Z K4BXM Brett W Marlowe FM05tx NC,Franklin 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:38:00Z N2CYY Louis Janicek FN21wb NJ,Bergen 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:36:00Z AC6CA Darin R Bell DM13eo CA,Orange 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:35:00Z KG7LLN Larry D Wolf CN95jo OR,Wasco 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:34:00Z W4NQX Vicki F Carnes EM94ov SC,Lancaster 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:33:00Z K4CAE David S Livingston EM94nc SC,Richland 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:32:00Z W6AAE Kevin D Ryan CM98jq CA,Sacramento 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:31:00Z WJ7WJ William J Jordens CN85nn OR,Washington 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-09 22:30:00Z VE3NEP Frank Saunders FN03dr Canada 14.333/20m SSB
2021-09-06 17:23:00Z KX0R George C Fuller DM79ix CO,Boulder 146.58/2m FM
2021-09-02 00:50:00Z W6KC James L Stockwell DM04sa CA,Los Angeles 14.297/20m USB
2021-09-01 01:26:00Z WA0YMC Paul W Johnson EM48 MO,Saint Louis City 7.185/40m SSB
2021-08-28 02:51:00Z K6BBB Robert B Vanderhyde CN80 CA,Shasta 7.185/40m SSB
2021-08-28 01:19:00Z N0BHR James L Scheer EN42db IA,Linn 7.256/40m LSB
2021-08-21 04:42:00Z W5NF James D Smith EL29da TX,Brazoria 7.185/40m SSB
2021-08-21 04:26:00Z AC3LZ Fred Tollin FM29 DE,Kent 7.185/40m SSB
2021-08-12 01:48:00Z KO3F Charles G Rogers DM12ls CA,San Diego 14.076/20m FT8
2021-08-12 01:44:00Z K1OB Russell J Ouellette FM16rw VA,Isle of Wight 14.076/20m FT8
2021-08-02 23:10:00Z KC0PEM Kenneth L Beattie DN70pk CO,Weld 146.52/2m FM
2021-06-09 23:24:00Z KJ6NON Ted L Deppner CM99la CA,Placer 14.078/20m JS8
2021-06-08 02:49:00Z KE7KE Ray Taylor DN14mg ID,Washington 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-08 01:46:00Z K0FD Daniel K Nichols EM36 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-07 03:45:00Z KJ7ODB Jayson J Mitchell DN52 WY,Fremont 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-07 03:29:00Z WY8D Stewart N Ausema EN72 MI,Kent 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-07 03:18:00Z K0BWJ Bruce W Joyner EN21cx IA,Monona 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-07 01:56:00Z KG5WAA Brian D Wedel EM15 OK,Cleveland 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-06 19:36:00Z KC8MM Michael E Mason EN81 OH,Wood 14.288/20m SSB
2021-06-06 19:21:00Z KE4HIE John A Brown EM61 AL,Covington 14.288/20m SSB
2021-06-06 03:36:00Z KB7BIB Brian I Brogie DM42 AZ,Pinal 7.185/40m SSB
2021-06-06 03:35:00Z K0DME Benjamin J Whitehead DN70 CO,Weld 7.185/40m SSB
2021-05-23 17:02:00Z K9RJO Raymond P Kasprzak EN52 IL,Kane 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 17:00:00Z N8MRB Michael R Bailey EM88ms OH,Scioto 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:59:00Z W4UWC George M Dominick EM77 KY,Jessamine 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:56:00Z AD1C James J Reisert DM79 CO,Adams 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:54:00Z KV3T Casey L Diers EN62 IL,Cook 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:51:00Z WD8BWF J Warren Billett EN63 MI,Ottawa 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:48:00Z W4JNM Joel N Myers DM79 GA,Bartow 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:47:00Z KD9ORQ Alexander V Suslov EN62 IL,Cook 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:45:00Z W6EDY Eduard Van Keulen CM97 CA,Santa Clara 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:38:00Z W3BS Bernard M Spiegel EM55 TN,Shelby 7.07559/40m FT8
2021-05-23 16:35:00Z N0XUT Dwayne C Collingwood EN42bf IA,Benton 7.07659/40m FT8
2021-05-12 03:12:00Z NM5GM Greg S Malesich DM65 NM,Sandoval 7.185/40m SSB
2021-05-10 02:30:00Z CO7HNS Humberto Noy Suáre FL11bj Cuba 18.101/17m FT8
2021-05-10 02:28:00Z CO3JR Jorge F. Rodriguez Perez EL93 Cuba 18.101/17m FT8
2021-05-10 02:13:00Z CU3HN Fabio Silva HM68 Azores 14.0752/20m FT8
2021-05-10 02:12:00Z R4IK Rasim Sharifullin LO43 Russia 14.0752/20m FT8
2021-04-10 20:31:00Z KK4BZ Duane H Martin FM18eu VA,Fairfax 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:22:00Z AE6Y Andrew L Faber CM97af CA,Santa Clara 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:22:00Z KI6RRN Axel W Bruderer DM12ls CA,San Diego 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:20:00Z KA6BIM David B Tucker CN73wc OR,Coos 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:16:00Z KM4FDM Michael T Cash FM08mj VA,Rockingham 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:11:00Z VE7BC Ken Clarke CN89nc Canada 14.252/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:04:00Z KI5GNH Byron F Kroeger EL16df TX,Cameron 14.253/20m USB
2021-04-10 20:02:00Z KC0JRW Bob L Unick, Jr EN00kq NE,Buffalo 14.253/20m USB
2021-04-10 19:34:00Z W0PI Eugene D Olson EN16ws MN,Becker 7.27/40m LSB
2021-04-10 19:04:00Z K7SV Larry G Schimelpfenig FM18ef VA,Spotsylvania 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:58:00Z AG7KO Scott M Slater CN87ud WA,Pierce 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:57:00Z WB8WKQ Jeffrey S Miller EN82jv MI,Lapeer 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:55:00Z KG5OVK Dujwanice M Pierce EM50mj MS,Harrison 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:53:00Z W7EDC Shawn M Sullivan CN85xj OR,Clackamas 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:52:00Z KG7FWF Roberto A Bayoca CN87wk WA,Adams 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 18:51:00Z K4ECA Curtis R Collyer FM18gr VA,Manassas City 14.245/20m USB
2021-04-10 15:27:00Z K6YD Kevin S Eckholt Mowrey CM88mh CA,Sonoma 14.241/20m USB
2021-04-10 15:25:00Z N6ZT Scot L Riddle DM04tk CA,Los Angeles 14.241/20m USB
2021-04-10 15:20:00Z WA6IOQ William B Cummings, Jr CM88pi CA,Sonoma 14.241/20m USB
2021-04-10 15:18:00Z WZ6ZZ Andrew D Parker CM97bx CA,Contra Costa 14.241/20m USB
2021-04-10 14:33:00Z N8II Jeffrey W Hartley FM19cj WV,Jefferson 14.275/20m USB
2021-04-03 20:14:00Z AA4SS Timothy J Boyd FM07ab VA,Franklin 14.323/20m LSB
2021-04-03 20:00:00Z W4H EM68jb 14.31/20m LSB
2021-04-02 21:52:00Z KM6JSR Gabor Morocz DM42no AZ,Pinal 14.0709/20m PSK31
2021-04-02 21:30:00Z KB2DV Bob 14.0714/20m PSK31
2021-04-02 00:15:00Z KN6EY Wayne C Smith DM44aq 7.09101/40m FMHELL
2021-03-28 17:25:00Z 9Z4QA Noel R Broomes FK91oe Trinidad and Tobago 147.03/2m DSTAR
2021-03-27 03:10:00Z AC2SB Paul E Kudla FN03na NY,Niagara 7.07613/40m FT8
2021-03-07 21:17:00Z N0JYZ Thomas J Juenemann EN34kw MN,Ramsey 7.07608/40m FT8
2021-03-07 21:16:00Z N8RU George C Benson EN74bv MI,Leelanau 7.07608/40m FT8
2021-03-07 21:15:00Z VE6XY Carl F Roett DO21 Canada 7.07608/40m FT8
2021-03-07 05:59:00Z W5BWJ John L Kruzich EM25ti AR,Sebastian 3.825/80m SSB
2021-03-07 05:57:00Z W2ZMZ Cono A Delrosso FN20 NJ,Passaic 3.825/80m SSB
2021-03-07 05:14:00Z N2KED David J Pelkey FN31 NY,Dutchess 3.825/80m SSB
2021-03-07 04:34:00Z K1DDN Amanda S Alden DM78 CO,Fremont 3.825/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:24:00Z N9BFI William P Hildebrand EN82 MI,Genesee 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:22:00Z K9DBB Debbie J Yarbrough EM55 TN,Tipton 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:21:00Z KG7IXT Steven R Shields CN95 WA,Klickitat 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:21:00Z KA0KVW Joseph C Donnelly, Jr DM78 CO,El Paso 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:19:00Z W5EH David E Blanchard EL17 TX,Nueces 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 05:10:00Z WN4WDE Eric D Clanton EM73 AL,Calhoun 3.826/80m SSB
2021-03-06 04:05:00Z AI4K David A Yarbrough EM55 TN,Tipton 3.819/80m SSB
2021-03-06 04:04:00Z KN6EQQ Christopher W Zukowski DM13 CA,San Diego 3.819/80m SSB
2021-03-01 02:12:00Z N2KED David J Pelkey FN31 NY,Dutchess 7.185/40m SSB
2021-02-20 23:08:00Z NC0L Robert A Smith DM79kn CO,Jefferson 7.178/40m LSB
2021-02-20 22:31:00Z K5EC John R Bonica EL29gq TX,Harris 14.205/20m USB
2021-02-14 00:04:00Z W6BS Tom W Cutter CM98ho CA,Sacramento 14.313/20m USB
2021-02-13 23:23:00Z N5KO Robert H Garlough CM97aa CA,Santa Cruz 18.1021/17m FT8
2021-02-13 23:21:00Z KA5WSS Robert J Barron, Jr CM88sh CA,Alameda 18.1021/17m FT8
2021-02-13 23:12:00Z YV5DRN Leandro ( Len ) Chique S. FK60 Venezuela 18.1017/17m FT8
2021-02-13 23:05:00Z JA5NLN Hisato Mori PM64 Japan 18.1016/17m FT8
2021-02-13 23:03:00Z KP4JRS Jose A Rivera-Salaman FK68 Puerto Rico 18.1016/17m FT8
2021-02-13 22:57:00Z JA8BNP Manabu Hashimoto QN03 Japan 18.1016/17m FT8
2021-02-13 22:55:00Z KJ7LSM David M Oakes CN87wx WA,Snohomish 18.1016/17m FT8
2021-01-31 17:50:00Z KN4ULT Paul N Douglas FM18ku VA,Alexandria City 14.0656/20m HELL
2021-01-27 18:49:00Z WB9DZS Thomas K Williams FM17fi VA,Chesterfield 14.23/20m SSTV
2021-01-27 18:30:00Z WA3TMS Vaughn E Cost FN00jf PA,Westmoreland 14.23/20m SSTV
2021-01-24 04:19:00Z W5WJN William J Nason EM40 LA,Livingston 7.185/40m SSB
2021-01-24 04:18:00Z WY6T Donald V Lohse DM05 CA,Kern 7.185/40m SSB
2021-01-24 04:12:00Z N8FTJ Jim L Toy EN90 OH,Summit 7.185/40m SSB
2021-01-23 20:58:00Z VE3HEQ Clive Poultney EN93od Canada 14.0712/20m PSK31
2021-01-23 20:49:00Z KB3UET Justin C Ledden FM19ep MD,Washington 14.0707/20m PSK31
2021-01-23 20:26:00Z N0MTN Mark A Molberg DM79ip CO,Jefferson 7.21/40m LSB
2021-01-23 20:24:00Z KG5OIB John M Hendry EM13eg TX,Wise 7.291/40m LSB
2021-01-23 19:42:00Z VA3WEB Warren E. Bekker FN03nw Canada 14.31/20m USB
2021-01-23 19:29:00Z WC4Y Gregory A Mann EM73vu GA,DeKalb 14.328/20m USB
2021-01-23 19:21:00Z W4FDT De Wayne F Treadaway EM74HK GA,Chattooga 14.242/20m USB
2021-01-23 19:20:00Z K5EC John R Bonica EL29gq TX,Harris 14.218/20m USB
2021-01-23 19:16:00Z KB4QXI John T Law EM74go GA,Walker 14.338/20m USB
2021-01-23 19:06:00Z N5BSB Robert P Schindler EM20ki TX,Liberty 14.334/20m USB
2021-01-23 18:59:00Z W5RDG Clifford J Boltwood, Iv EM12eq TX,Parker 14.32/20m USB
2021-01-23 18:06:00Z KH7FC Samuel W Turner, Ii FM27ft VA,Accomack 14.335/20m USB
2021-01-23 18:02:00Z N7NWP Mark M Lapinskas CN84iv OR,Polk 14.304/20m USB
2021-01-23 17:51:00Z WB5N David L Sarkozi EL29ho TX,Harris 14.294/20m USB
2021-01-23 06:38:00Z K1YAG William R Wallace EM00kf TX,Gillespie 7.188/40m LSB
2021-01-23 06:38:00Z WG0FLY Fellowship Of The Flying Goats EM00kf TX,Gillespie 7.188/40m LSB
2021-01-23 06:38:00Z KJ7QFW Ray Taylor DN14mg ID,Washington 7.188/40m LSB
2021-01-20 04:03:00Z KK6ZPD Tibor V Tildy DM14id CA,Riverside 7.225/40m LSB
2021-01-10 22:27:00Z KC3FL John F Marks EL88uv FL,Citrus 14.0708/20m PSK31
2021-01-10 21:38:00Z VE3GKT Joseph Bondi FN03ep Canada 14.34/20m USB
2021-01-10 21:23:00Z KN4HPJ Stephen J Mancos FM05gc NC,Moore 14.341/20m USB
2021-01-10 21:05:00Z WC4Y Gregory A Mann EM73vu GA,DeKalb 14.329/20m USB
2021-01-09 02:57:00Z K7KKR Rob L Warburton DM26 NV,Clark 7.185/40m SSB
2020-12-27 22:23:00Z KE0SSM Dave M Watson EN42 IA,Linn 7.174/40m LSB
2020-12-25 04:19:00Z NA1A Duke Hoang DM13 CA,Orange 7.245/40m LSB
2020-12-13 22:56:00Z K7ER Gerald L Grandstaff DM09 NV,Douglas 14.0716/20m PSK31
2020-12-13 21:19:00Z XE2KJ Jose Velazquez Cardona DL95mj Mexico 14.0717/20m PSK31
2020-12-12 04:12:00Z KD7RF Michael J Moroney DM45 AL,Madison 28.484/10m USB
2020-12-08 04:10:00Z KN4PHS Byron L Johnson EM64 AL,Morgan 3.83/80m SSB
2020-12-08 03:24:00Z K4OEN Jonathan D Evans EM57 KY,McCracken 3.83/80m SSB
2020-12-08 03:10:00Z K7CTM Thomas M Robbins DN55 MT,Stillwater 3.83/80m SSB
2020-12-07 14:06:00Z K8BCL Brian P Clemans EN80kb OH,Franklin 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-12-07 03:35:00Z AI0A David K Tolsdorf EN22 IA,Boone 3.825/80m SSB
2020-12-07 03:17:00Z K0FD Daniel K Nichols EM36 3.825/80m SSB
2020-11-23 19:05:00Z K3ZK George A Miklosi FN21ae PA,Luzerne 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-23 18:24:00Z KE7CCR Harley W Wassink DN54or WY,Park 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-23 17:24:00Z KJ6ER Greg C Mihran CM97ag CA,Santa Clara 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-22 03:55:00Z K2KR Michael A Wilson DN70 CO,Weld 3.762/80m LSB
2020-11-22 03:51:00Z KW8N Robert B Hayes EN81 OH,Lorain 3.788/80m LSB
2020-11-22 03:37:00Z WW4LL Lewis F Dennin EM73 GA,Coweta 7.228/40m LSB
2020-11-22 03:29:00Z K7RL Mitch D Mason CN88 WA,Island 7.208/40m LSB
2020-11-22 03:13:00Z KK7AC Andrew H Smith DM42 AZ,Apache 7.28/40m LSB
2020-11-22 03:04:00Z KQ0C Ashton R Lee DM69 CO,Garfield 7.241/40m LSB
2020-11-21 03:12:00Z N9FB Robert W Johnston EM69 IN,Boone 3.828/80m SSB
2020-11-21 02:53:00Z W3SCA George J Nardone FM19 MD,Carroll 7.185/40m SSB
2020-11-20 14:57:00Z K7VEY Vincent E Young DM43 AZ,Maricopa 14.23/20m SSTV
2020-11-20 03:55:00Z KB8ZIO Arthur S Nasby EM98 WV,Kanawha 3.828/80m SSB
2020-11-15 23:35:00Z VE6BTC James Fowler DO33 Canada 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 23:34:00Z K3HMA Norman W Washburn FM28 MD,Caroline 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 23:11:00Z W9RPM John K Kjos EN43 WI,La Crosse 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 23:10:00Z KN4ORP David A Eldridge EM55 TN,Gibson 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 23:04:00Z KU4UK Russell C Mcguire EM63 AL,Jefferson 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 23:02:00Z WB5PJB Gary T Sutton DM79 CO,Douglas 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 19:53:00Z K3MI Ronald D Lape EN90 PA,Washington 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 19:43:00Z WB8UFC Kenneth C Miller EL88 FL,Pasco 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 19:40:00Z KK5AB Larry R Seiger DM22 AZ,Yuma 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 19:29:00Z KG4IXS Richard A Vaughan FM06 VA,Pittsylvania 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 19:25:00Z K4CY Robert C Furzer EM74 GA,Paulding 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 19:23:00Z W2HTS Howard T Suffill FN20 NJ,Monmouth 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-15 05:08:00Z KA3ZLS Christopher S Peightal FM28 DE,Kent 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 05:05:00Z KH6GK Peter M Iverson DM13 CA,San Diego 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 05:04:00Z KI6NAZ Josh B Nass DM03 CA,Los Angeles 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 05:01:00Z KG6IYN Bruce Kripton DM12 CA,San Diego 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 04:59:00Z KB6OQJ Wayne J Heil CM94 CA,Santa Barbara 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 04:47:00Z K6TXT Giora Tamir DM12 CA,San Diego 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 04:43:00Z N3DGE Michael C Trachtenberg FN20 PA,Philadelphia 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-15 02:57:00Z KF7NZ Paul S Richmond CN94 OR,Deschutes 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-13 21:23:00Z W0WND Michael R Fisher DM97 KS,Ford 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-13 21:19:00Z K9RJO Raymond P Kasprzak EN52 IL,Kane 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-13 21:11:00Z N4SO Charles K Brown EM50 AL,Mobile 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-13 21:07:00Z KE0STT Robert V Colling EN21 IA,Guthrie 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-13 17:56:00Z KC1HXR Merrill B Clark FN42 MA,Essex 21.0757/15m FT8
2020-11-13 17:50:00Z CO8LY Eduardo Somoano Cremati FL20 Cuba 21.0759/15m FT8
2020-11-13 17:47:00Z NC6D David Chan CM87 CA,San Francisco 21.0759/15m FT8
2020-11-13 16:52:00Z GD0TEP Andy Kissack IO74 Isle of Man 21.0749/15m FT8
2020-11-13 16:49:00Z MM0AMW David Gillies IO75 Scotland 21.0749/15m FT8
2020-11-13 16:44:00Z WD4DSV Bruce E Daggett EL98 FL,Seminole 21.0749/15m FT8
2020-11-13 16:36:00Z EA1ALE Juan Carlos Piney Blanco IN73 Spain 21.0749/15m FT8
2020-11-13 16:23:00Z AE4WG Warren E Greenberg EL99 FL,Volusia 21.0749/15m FT8
2020-11-13 14:21:00Z CO2YQ Joel Izquierdo Valdes EL83 Cuba 21.0763/15m FT8
2020-11-12 22:20:00Z WA2IBZ Howard L Marder FM29 NJ,Gloucester 10.1383/30m FT8
2020-11-12 22:09:00Z NT4J William J Hedgcoth EM66 TN,Cheatham 10.1377/30m FT8
2020-11-12 22:08:00Z VE4TV Rene Raimbault EN19 Canada 10.1375/30m FT8
2020-11-12 21:41:00Z VA3MJR David Ross FN03bf Canada 10.1379/30m FT8
2020-11-12 21:36:00Z KG5RMJ Willard L Maier EM12 TX,Tarrant 10.1369/30m FT8
2020-11-12 21:32:00Z N9EZF Douglas J Schultz EN53 WI,Fond du Lac 10.1369/30m FT8
2020-11-12 21:30:00Z K9MDI Mark A Wells EM12 TX,Dallas 10.1369/30m FT8
2020-11-12 20:40:00Z WB0JIV Patrick L Granger EM48 MO,Saint Charles 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 19:59:00Z AC4VV Kenneth H Bickel EM78 KY,Jefferson 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 16:01:00Z AC3GO Curt Krelic EN90 PA,Allegheny 10.1377/30m FT8
2020-11-12 15:54:00Z N8YQX Yohei Shimazaki EN82 MI,Wayne 10.1377/30m FT8
2020-11-12 15:47:00Z KG5HTH Philip R Flinn EM02 TX,Erath 10.1377/30m FT8
2020-11-12 15:23:00Z K2HJB Henry J Borawski FN21 NY,Rockland 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 15:08:00Z KD6WKY Jerome P Olive CM98 CA,Solano 10.1371/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:54:00Z K9DJT Gary L Drasch EN63 WI,Ozaukee 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:33:00Z N7FN Franklin B Noragon DM33 AZ,Maricopa 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:27:00Z N3QE Timothy D Shoppa FM19 MD,Montgomery 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:22:00Z KE8IOL David J Gruber EN82 MI,Oakland 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:19:00Z W3DJS David J Slotter EM83 GA,Gwinnett 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:17:00Z N3XLS Joseph C Raymer FN21 PA,Lackawanna 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:08:00Z KA3CZY Paul R Keys FM19 MD,Cecil 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:04:00Z W8RES Robert E Stothfang EM79 OH,Butler 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 14:02:00Z N2SAB Scott A Bernard FN31 NY,Westchester 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 03:10:00Z W6AAJ James M Ward DM12 CA,San Diego 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 02:53:00Z KB4VL Roger H Calendine EM75 NY,Monroe 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 02:13:00Z KD6KHJ Richard T Norwood DM03 CA,Los Angeles 10.1376/30m FT8
2020-11-12 01:46:00Z NK3L Thieu D Le CM97 WA,King 7.0757/40m FT8
2020-11-12 01:15:00Z VA3MJR David Ross FN03bf Canada 7.0757/40m FT8
2020-11-12 01:03:00Z W9NEM Joseph A Gwyer, Jr EN51 IL,Du Page 7.0757/40m FT8
2020-11-12 00:57:00Z WA2HIP John R Petrocelli FN54 ME,Penobscot 7.0757/40m FT8
2020-11-12 00:52:00Z WB5C Wade J Martyn EM48 MO,Jefferson 7.0757/40m FT8
2020-11-11 22:31:00Z W4EXT William J Seward EM95 NC,Davidson 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 19:32:00Z N7FN Franklin B Noragon DM33 AZ,Maricopa 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 19:21:00Z KC7YE Jack T Rookaird CN87 WA,Snohomish 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 19:20:00Z WA7TPV John J Knuth DN17 WA,Spokane 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 18:32:00Z KE7H Gary O Anderson DN06 WA,Franklin 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 17:39:00Z WH6S Richard D Nelson BL01 Hawaii 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 17:09:00Z KI0E Kim E Gross DN13 ID,Canyon 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 17:02:00Z WE7U Curtis E Mills CN87 WA,Snohomish 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 16:52:00Z VE6CV Gary Leroy Wheeler DN39 Canada 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 16:40:00Z ND8G Bernard M Hightower EM77 IL,Du Page 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 15:16:00Z KK5AB Larry R Seiger DM22 AZ,Yuma 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 13:24:00Z K5RMD Roy M Davis EM50 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-11 05:28:00Z K0MBC James J Angelcyk EM20 TX,Harris 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 05:16:00Z VA3HP Gary Allan Chase EN92 Canada 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 05:11:00Z N3XLS Joseph C Raymer FN21 PA,Lackawanna 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 05:02:00Z AA9GE James R Jordan EN50 IL,Tazewell 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 04:48:00Z WB4JMW Walter C Ford EM86 TN,Greene 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 04:43:00Z KY0R Harold R Gruse DM78 CO,Pueblo 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-11 03:56:00Z KA9FOX Scott E Neader EN43 WI,La Crosse 3.57465/80m FT8
2020-11-10 19:41:00Z KC4UCT John H Brown EM73 GA,Fulton 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 19:14:00Z VA2MKX Mohamed Khadir FN35 Canada 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 17:24:00Z KE6SHL Richard E Pack DM06 CA,Fresno 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 17:10:00Z W6DCC John R Alday DM13 CA,Riverside 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 17:05:00Z KE8IOL David J Gruber EN82 MI,Oakland 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 17:01:00Z DK1MAX Max Wild JN58 Germany 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 16:48:00Z W4ANT Alan W Fitzsimmons EM93 SC,Dorchester 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-10 15:28:00Z KC9VW Marc A Abramson EL29 TX,Harris 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-09 04:12:00Z AA7E Peter J Finch CN82 OR,Josephine 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-08 19:23:00Z W6YTG C David May FM19 MD,Harford 18.1016/17m FT8
2020-11-08 01:57:00Z KM6HB Mark D Mc Mullin DM13 CA,Orange 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-08 01:50:00Z K6VDU Nelson O Mina CM98 CA,Sacramento 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-08 01:40:00Z VE6BTC James Fowler DO33 Canada 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-08 01:32:00Z AF6O Ronald J Forsyth DM14 CA,San Bernardino 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-08 01:26:00Z N7FN Franklin B Noragon DM33 AZ,Maricopa 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-07 05:41:00Z N6YFM Neal S Pollack DM03 CA,Los Angeles 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-07 05:22:00Z K6HGF Doug Nelson DM04 CA,Los Angeles 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-06 22:45:00Z VE7KFM Karol F Madera CN89mg Canada 14.3131/20m USB
2020-11-06 15:13:00Z N7BFH William T Colberg CN87 WA,Snohomish 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-06 15:07:00Z KE8LPK Eric L Klinc EM89 OH,Greene 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-04 04:30:00Z WT6X Jose J Picazo CM97 CA,Alameda 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-04 00:49:00Z K4SKP Howard S Dobrin FM18 VA,Prince William 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 19:31:00Z K4CY Robert C Furzer EM74 GA,Paulding 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 19:15:00Z N7ML Craig M Lamb DN46 MT,Gallatin 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 16:30:00Z WT8P James Carson CN87 WA,King 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 16:28:00Z N4PJA Philip J Arnold EM75 TN,Knox 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 16:19:00Z KM6AGE Robert D Parker CN71 CA,Del Norte 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 16:03:00Z AC2SB Paul E Kudla FN03 NY,Niagara 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 16:00:00Z K7CAH Richard D Taylor CN87 WA,Mason 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 15:54:00Z KD8BPY Joseph J Oswald EM79 OH,Montgomery 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 14:56:00Z LB2LE Eilif Sandnes JP53ss Norway 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-03 04:51:00Z W6JPG John P Gartman DM04 CA,Ventura 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 04:46:00Z AC2SB Paul E Kudla FN03 NY,Niagara 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 04:38:00Z KE8JIT David R Beam FM09 WV,Monongalia 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 04:24:00Z K6UF Kenneth B Stackhouse CM97 CA,Santa Clara 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 04:21:00Z KO3F Charles G Rogers DM12 CA,San Diego 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 04:20:00Z XE2GRM Gildardo Meza. DM11QU Mexico 7.07564/40m FT8
2020-11-03 01:06:00Z KW8N Robert B Hayes EN81 OH,Lorain 7.195/40m LSB
2020-11-02 19:36:00Z KA4JON John W Lipscomb EM84 GA,Hall 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-02 19:34:00Z K8BCL Brian P Clemans EN80 OH,Franklin 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-02 19:32:00Z VA3MJR David Ross FN03BF Canada 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-02 14:51:00Z XE3MAS Eduardo Dominguez Perez EK08 Mexico 14.0757/20m FT8
2020-11-02 14:49:00Z VE3ELL Russell Thomas Farrell FN04 Canada 14.0757/20m FT8
2020-11-02 14:26:00Z W8IE Edward Rivers EN91 OH,Cuyahoga 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-11-02 14:04:00Z KT7G Richard L Smith CN85 WA,Clark 14.0756/20m FT8
2020-10-29 15:46:00Z W9ICK Robert G Frick EL98 FL,Brevard 28.0756/10m FT8
2020-10-29 15:45:00Z K3VN Arecio A Hernandez EL98 FL,Brevard 28.0756/10m FT8
2020-10-29 15:37:00Z NA5WH William A Huckaba EL95 FL,Miami-Dade 28.0756/10m FT8
2020-10-29 14:52:00Z V31MA MARC M. EK58 Belize 28.0757/10m FT8
2020-10-27 18:42:00Z PY2RSA Ricardo Sa (Ric) GG77 Brazil 28.0756/10m FT8
2020-10-25 00:52:00Z AC5O Jeffrey J Guidry EL49 LA,Lafourche 28.0756/10m FT8
2020-10-24 00:33:00Z KB9RCL Kevin L Baerwald EN53 WI,Dodge 28.0753/10m FT8
2020-10-24 00:31:00Z WA2VJL Alfred J Wasielewski EL16 TX,Cameron 28.0753/10m FT8
2020-10-23 23:46:00Z K8AH ('Russ')William R Mc Intyre EN62 MI,Ottawa 28.0758/10m FT8
2020-10-23 23:35:00Z N5LFA Steven B Kirk EM54 MS,Marshall 28.0761/10m FT8
2020-10-23 23:08:00Z KC3PIB Christopher Anderson EN90 PA,Allegheny 28.0757/10m FT8
2020-10-20 21:15:00Z TG9AWS Stephen Wheelock EK44 Guatemala 28.0755/10m FT8
2020-10-19 23:12:00Z PY5EW André Berzott GG46 Brazil 28.076/10m FT8



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