Solar Alerts

You can be notified when certain solar statistics meet your chosen conditions. You can create custom Solar Alerts to send you an email, SMS message, or Pushover notification. This feature is currently in a "beta" phase, so please be patient with any issues that may arise!

Create Alert!

How To Use

  1. Click the button below to Create a new Solar Alert
  2. Give you Alert a name and enter your email, then click Create
  3. An email will be sent to the provided address with a link to confirm your alert and configure it
    Note: Keep track of this email, this link will allow you to modify or delete your alert in the future
  4. Once you click the confirmation link, you will be able to configure and add Triggers to your alert
  5. Finish configuring your Solar Alert
    • You may optionally provide a description for your Alert
    • If you do not want to receive alerts by email, you can uncheck it
    • If you would like to receive alerts by SMS, you may enter a number and check the corresponding option
    • If you would like to receive alerts via Pushover, you may enter a Token and check the corresponding option
    • Set a minimum number of hours between notifications. Once an Alert is triggered, it won't be again for this many hours
    • Choose whether or not all of the Triggers must be met for a notification to be sent, or if any one is enough
  6. Set up some Triggers
    • Select a solar metric for your Trigger
    • Choose comparison operators, less than/equal to/greater than; you can combine any set of these, if any are met, the trigger will fire
    • Enter the value to use for the comparison
    • Be sure to click Add before saving, or your trigger will be lost
  7. Hit Save, and your alert is complete!