Current Solar Conditions

Data compiled at 06/25 01:02 UTC and will refresh in 00:00 (refresh now).

No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Metric Value Observed
Solar Flux Index 81 06/25 00:05 UTC
A-Index 5 06/25 00:05 UTC
K-Index 3 06/25 00:05 UTC
Sunspot Number 11 06/23 00:00 UTC
Proton Flux 0.52 ptn/(cm2 s sr) 06/25 00:50 UTC
Electron Flux 76.64 elctn/(cm2 s sr) 06/25 00:50 UTC
X-Ray Flux B1.5 06/25 00:57 UTC
Magnetic Field -5.70 Bz 06/24 23:00 UTC
Solar Wind 368.70 km/s 06/24 23:00 UTC
Wind Density 4.82 ptn/cm3 06/24 23:00 UTC
Calculation Value
Signal/Noise Level S2 - S3
Geomagnetic Field Unsettled
Aurora 6
Aurora Latitude 62.4° - 60.4°
Solar Radiation Storms No impacts on HF
Electron Alert Minor impacts on HF in polar regions
Radio Blackouts No or very minor impact to HF signals
Night Band Frequency Day
Very Good 110 160m 1.8 MHz Good 79
Good 78 80m 3.5 MHz Fair 63
Good 74 60m 5 MHz Fair 64
Good 70 40m 7 MHz Fair 64
Fair 34 30m 10 MHz Poor 31
Poor 32 20m 14 MHz Poor 32
Poor 16 17m 18 MHz Poor 17
Poor 15 15m 21 MHz Poor 18
Poor 4 12m 24 MHz Poor 8
Poor 3 10m 28 MHz Poor 9
Very Poor -9 6m 50 MHz Poor 4



All solar statistics in the Measurements area are raw data provided by the NOAA Solar Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). This data is acquired every 15 minutes through a variety of raw data files on the SWPC data server. The raw files are parsed into my database where they are archived indefinitely. When this page loads, it retrieves the most recent value for each metric and builds the table from that. The page automatically refreshes every 5 minutes to keep data fresh.

Band Estimations

Disclaimer: Band condition estimates are just that - estimates based on an algorithm I wrote. They may be way off, and the only way to REALLY know how the bands are is to go tune up your radio and try!


The imagery shown on this page all comes from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The most recent available image for each wavelength is put into the slideshow, along with a link to view them full-size, or watch the most recent timelapse from SDO. Imagery is also archived on my server indefinitely, and compiled into monthly timelapses available on the Historical page.