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A little while back, I realized a need in the Amateur Radio community. Clubs need websites. At least here in Nebraska, many of the small local clubs have a website, but many of them are either completely abandoned, or very out-of-date in their information (as well as their design for that matter). I started to think about what the cause of this problem was, and came to the conclusion that, despite the availability of services like WordPress and Squarespace, which certainly do make building your own website much easier than it has ever been before, it does still require a degree of skill and learning to master. And, more importantly, it requires someone in the club to invest time to not only build it in the first place (or money to hire a professional), but also a requires someone to maintain it and keep it updated.


Now that I had identified the problem, I started to think how I could solve it. I began to picture a ready-made amateur radio site that has all the components that might commonly be desired by an amateur radio club. It would be incredibly easy to maintain and add/update information on, and would require no prior knowledge to do so. I started by identifying components that seem to be common among most amateur radio club sites I've visited:

Now that I had my basic components, I built the site around them, and chose a simple one-page (mostly) design. This makes the site easy to navigate, by organizing information into logical sections that a given club can choose to use or not use, as it applies to them. Additionally, for any information the club may wish to share that doesn't fit into the purview of any of the other sections, custom sections may also be added via a WYSIWYG editor.

Get Started

If your local amateur radio club needs a website and this format sounds compelling to you, I'd love to talk to you about getting your club set up on this platform! This service is completely free to any organized amateur radio club, though donations are certainly welcomed to help offset the costs of operating the service. If you'd like to talk to me about getting set up, please fill out the application form!

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